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0927 Notch Y U No Like

When Mojang co-founder and Minecraft mastermind Markus “Notch” Persson says something, either in an interview or via Twitter or Facebook post, everybody listens.  His statements often court controversy, whether you agree on them or not, and it’s quite clear he wants it that way.  Notch’s latest beef is with the Microsoft Windows 8 platform, which will be launching slightly less than a month from now.   Earlier today, Notch tweeted his sentiments regarding Windows 8 […]

0824 CS Promo

Just a few days after the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve has already posted two non-beta updates for the title on consecutive days.  Releasing updates for a new title isn’t anything new or uncommon, but to see two daily updates in a row shows how committed Valve is in making CS: GO a successful throwback to those early days, while integrating some new elements such as the game modes we had talked about last […]

0821 CSGO

  In just a few hours from now, Valve will be releasing the next Counter-Strike title, Global Offensive.  As we had told you last time, the title should be a combination of the old and the new, with enough classic elements (such as the maps) to convince long-time fans of the series to give CS: GO a whirl.  In this latest pre-release update, Valve has prepared two new treats for would-be Counter-Strike gamers – a […]

0814 One Does Not 2

Stop the presses!   An official listing for this year’s Gamescom published on the organizers’ website had suggested that two long-rumored titles, Valve’s Half-Life 3 and BioWare’s Dragon Age 3, would be among the titles announced at the yearly event in Cologne.  It sounded like perfect gaming news material in preparation for Gamescom 2012, but just as many of us suspected, it was all too good to be true.  Good thing we thought better of […]

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

I’ll fess up – I was almost always the worst Counter-Strike player in my group of college friends.  If my teammates would notice a man down, it would invariably be me, down after yet another misguided kamikaze attempt.  It was the gaming equivalent of a hockey power play, a handicap match between counter-terrorists and terrorists.  But I can’t deny that it was a whole lot of fun back then, even now, during the rare times […]


The co-founder and managing director (and gaming god) of Valve Gabe Newell made an appearance at Casual Connect, an annual videogame conference in Seattle, Washington Tuesday evening. During an evening dinner, Newell had a chat with former VP of game publishing at Microsoft, Ed Fries in which he unveiled some of his odd and secret projects in true Newell fashion. All Things D has the report:   “Everything we are doing is not going to […]


To many, Valve is one of the best video game companies in the world. They make incredible games and have gave way to some of the most fascinating and memorable games in the history of gaming. Games such as the original Half-Life, Half-Life 2, and the Portal franchise have acted as shining examples as to how a story can be told within a game and free of cutscenes. I remember the first time I played […]

L4D2 Cold Stream

Killing zombies has just become even more fun, thanks to Valve and the loyal Left 4 Dead 2 community.  Valve’s Left 4 Dead blog site announced yesterday that they have “move(d) that big Beta needle to Release” for the PC version of the Cold Stream update.  Great news for PC gamers, but Xbox 360 gamers may have to hold their zombie horses a bit, as the Xbox update will be available in about a week’s […]


As early as sever years ago, you would be fair to say that the adventure game genre was basically dead. The genre of gaming that dominated the PC market in the 80’s and 90’s saw its demise around the turn of the millennium as PC power increased. Whereas most gamers were busy “pointing and clicking” their way through mysterious worlds and solving challenging puzzles in the century before, the millennium saw the PC market being […]

Valve Steam Box

Amid speculation that Valve is planning to unveil a console in the not so far off future, the staff at Modern Fictum has spent many a hazy, lazy day pondering our idealized version of a Steam Box. Already having established itself as the premier service provider of PC games on the web, many believe that if anyone could make some noise in the console arena, it would be either Apple or Valve. And although it […]

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