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0925 StarCraft 2

As a long-time gamer and the last guy picked to play “actual” sports on many a occasion in my younger days, I’m glad there is such a thing as eSports – at least there’s a sport I can claim to be good at if I decided to go pro.  For those who don’t know what it is, it’s competitive video gaming.  It is considered a professional sport, where competitors win prizes and honors just like […]


It’s been exactly two years and three days since Blizzard gave us StarCraft 2, the sequel to the original StarCraft.  Typical of Blizzard, StarCraft 2 came a good twelve years after the original StarCraft, and the expansion packs Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void were announced four years ago.  Still, we’ve yet to see either expansion in stores, and according to one analyst, there’s a good chance Swarm won’t be available till […]


Well, for a long time I’ve been following the MOBA eSports scene a lot, but I’ve also spent quite some time around the Starcraft and Starcraft 2 community. But usually I don’t find the eSports news that interesting, although I managed to stumble upon an interview with EG.IdrA, which was posted on May 23, 2012, and I couldn’t really help it, I just had to write a post about it. And why would I take […]

Starcraft 2

This may not be any big news to some, but there has been some major new news about Heart of the Swarm. And if anyone is lucky enough to pass by MLG Anaheim you will be able to play a sneak peak beta version of the expansion there. None of the recently revealed changes will have anything to do with the races themselves really, it is a bunch of changes to the client itself, but there […]

Terran symbol

Well, we’re there, the final piece of the puzzle, the Terran part of this quick look at how to get out of the low leagues in SC2. As I see it, Terran was by far the easiest race to go with it the lower leagues, although, to master Terran is hard, if not the hardest race. The general idea as a Terran is to keep it simple, your basic bio units counter most builds, not […]

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Protoss is the race who seem to be struggling most at the moment, at least on higher levels, simply because they have no answer to some strategies. Take mass Roaches as an example, it is not something that Terran have a hard time against as bio mech rips through it easily, but for Protoss there is no real answer to it, you could go with a massive amount of Immortals, but that is highly cost […]

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I know there are many out there who are stuck in the lower Starcraft 2 leagues, bronze league – gold league and seem to get nowhere, and these leagues are prectically swarming with Zerg, no kidding there. Well, in this 3 post series we will break it down to basics and cut out everything you do not need down there. Basically what we will be looking at in the end is a few generic ways […]


I asume that the first Starcraft 2 expansion, Heart of the Swarm has not gone unnoticed past RTS and Starcraft fans around the world, it is supposed to be released sometime during 2012. The game features a handful of new units for all races, some which might be scraped before the release and some new ones may be added, but we will know that in due time. So I thought we’d take a quick look […]

Starcraft 2

Omg… I knew i am bad… but so bad?! I cant manage to win over “Very hard” AI, and now had a personal triumph when i dealt with “Hard” terrain… i will get so destroyed when i am going to enter the league… Obviously I am playing the most hard race out there… Zerg… Why? Because Prot and Terrain are just way too easy… Zergs on the other side are hard, fun and if you […]

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