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Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar is coming to the PC and iPad in the near future. Contrary to most of the previous entries, this version of the title will be aimed at an online audience. The last time the series saw a major release was with Ultima Online and with EA and Bioware Mythic building things, you can expect the game to hit a pretty solid level of quality, especially since few online games have […]

Valve Steam Box

Amid speculation that Valve is planning to unveil a console in the not so far off future, the staff at Modern Fictum has spent many a hazy, lazy day pondering our idealized version of a Steam Box. Already having established itself as the premier service provider of PC games on the web, many believe that if anyone could make some noise in the console arena, it would be either Apple or Valve. And although it […]

Hawken Redefines Indie Gaming with Style

Out of all the indie developed titles on the horizon, Hawken is looking to be the best of them. Blending fast-paced shooter mechanics with intense mech gameplay, Hawken looks to redefine what it means to be an indie game. Developed by the up and coming Adhesive Games and built on the powerful Unreal Engine 3, Hawken looks set to bring an entirely new way to experience mech combat that the likes of MechWarrior introduced to […]


With Diablo 3 officially released, the hotly anticipated Blizzard title is sending PC gamers into a frenzy of excitement. Although the venerable franchise’s long overdue sequel is currently only slated for PC and Macintosh platforms, Blizzard has slyly hinted at the possibility of an Xbox 360 or PS3 version on numerous occasions. Whether or not you feel that the game could work on the console platform, the notion of a killer PC action RPG reaching […]

Could An Apple and Valve Console Really Work?

While the alleged rumor that Apple CEO Tim Cook meeting with Valve’s esteemed Gabe Newell was recently put to rest, the prospect of an Apple or Valve console certainly sent the Internet into a dizzying state of speculation. Could the two software giants really come together to produce something to challenge the big three in the future? Would it even be a smart business move to enter the console market this late in the game? […]

Why PC Developers Need to Accept the Mac

Although the PC gaming community resembles an elitist cult at some times, their primary sin is a general sense of reluctance to accept anything that challenges what they’ve come to expect from their gaming experiences. This general attitude has pervaded into the market strategy for many developers, resulting in a vast majority of games that are perfectly capable of running on most Macintosh computers being developed exclusively for the PC. Why are PC gamers so […]

Dark Souls PC

From Software, the developers of the critically acclaimed and brutally difficult Dark Souls, responded to the public’s demands by announcing that their masterpiece would be ported over to PCs. Since then a few more detailed have emerged. Representatives of From have stated that the aptly titled Prepare to Die Edition will feature a multitude of new armor sets, zones and the insanely challenging boss fights fans have come to expect from the franchise. Also, it […]

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