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Indeed there were times when lenders of payday loans would pretty much have their say and way around practically everything, a prime example being interest rates which would be astonishingly high. Service too would be mediocre at best, since there was a hint of arrogance at play, with the players knowing very well that the market had very few players of their ilk.   Not only that, payday lenders knew that customers came to them […]


Typically, there is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to payday loans and their disbursement. There are some loans which can take a few days to process, say two to three days, whereas quite a few payday loans can in fact be processed within hours and the money doled out to you immediately.   In such circumstances, what is crucial is that you check with the concerned payday loan lender to double […]

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A major advantage in the case of payday loans is the fact that confidentiality is ensured, when otherwise it may be compromised for a variety of reasons, in the case of most other loans.   And mind you, confidentiality is a major priority for a lot of borrowers out there. They do not want the world at large to know about their precarious financial position. Rather they would like to keep the matter entirely under […]


Indeed, a no fax payday loan is very much a reality.   Today, there are umpteen individuals out there without any access to a fax machine. For them there is simply no way that they can actually avail of a payday loan if it was compulsory to fax requisite documents to them.   It is for this reason that the major payday loan lenders have all started to offer what are known as no fax […]


Somehow there seems to be a major fallacy doing the rounds that when it comes to payday loans as such, they can only be availed by those who have a regular job. So the corollary of that would be a presumption that when it comes to payday loans, they simply cannot be availed by those who are either temporarily or permanently out of a job.   That is simply not true at all. Rather the […]

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An often unrecognized and simply ignored aspect of the mushrooming payday loan industry is the fact that it has spurned job creation in a big way, not only in America but indeed across all parts of the world where payday loans have become popular, such as the UK in particular.   This is an aspect which ‘Neigh Sayers’ of the industry simply cannot deny and indeed ends up being a major reason for which payday […]

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Payday lenders operate both in the online virtual space as well as the offline brick and mortar one. At the same time, today we find that there are some payday lenders who are choosing to set shop exclusively on the Internet alone, wherein they obtain all the information which they need from you as a prospective lender over the Internet and also disburse the loan online, sending the money directly to your bank account.   […]

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