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0912 Panda

Before you use World of Warcraft’s screenshot-snapping tool, you might want to think twice.  Reports emerged yesterday regarding watermarks surreptitiously embedded in each screenshot taken on WoW’s tool, containing the user’s account ID, the realm’s IP address and the screenshot’s timestamp.   According to OwnedCore, which had responded to feedback from several WoW players, the codes do not include really sensitive, personal user data.  No real names or passwords are included in these watermarks.  But […]

0817 Pandaren

  Serious World of Warcraft players probably wouldn’t benefit much from Blizzard unlocking all of Azeroth’s races from the beginning of the game.  Heck, why unlock something that was already made available through the Cataclysm expansion?  But we have to consider that WoW keeps drawing new gamers into the fold, and the newbies will (hopefully) be glad to know that Patch 5.0.4 will make each and every race will be playable from the get-go, regardless […]


So there is a World of Warcraft expansion coming out this fall that some of you may or may have heard about. Supposedly it has something to do with pandas, as if they were a thing now. So while all eyes are locked on panda goodness, Blizzard has done the norm for a new expansion and let a select few players into a closed beta. As it goes everyone with an active WoW account would […]


With Mists of Pandaria just around the corner Activision Blizzard is hoping that their “dwindling” subscriber base will see a huge increase in returning and new players. World of Warcraft was, at one time, seeing 12 million subscribers on average and has recently dropped as low as  the 9 million mark. There are quite a few factors that come into play for this decrease. WoW has been around since the end of 2004 and the age is definitely driving some […]

Pet Battle System

The pet battle system, or Warcraft pokemon if you wish, went live on the beta realms a while ago, and as the name suggests, it’s basically a Pokemon battle with pets. The system itself is a little more complicated than that though, you need to catch your pets yourself and then level them up to do battle. Right now it’s basically set to moderate difficulty to capture pets, if you mess up you ability rotations […]

Stormstout Brewery

Well, this will be the last part of our quick look into the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria. And to top it off we’ll bee looking at the instances from a general, hopefully spoilerfree point of view. When the game launches there will be 9 new dungeons and 2 remade old dungeons. First out we have two old Classic WoW dungeons which will be remade for Mists of Pandaria, both of them […]

Jade Forest

For the second part of our look into the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria we will look at the new leveling zones, ranging from level 85 – 90. There are 7 new zones, all with some new interesting design, contrary to the slightly dark and damp theme of Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm, the Mists of Pandaria zones are light and soothing, there is everything from lush forests to high […]

Pandaren Monk

This will be the first of a three part look into the next World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria. And in this part we will take a look at the new race, Pandaren, their starting area and the brand new class Monk. Blizzard have been working on the Pandaren for a long time, they first appeared in Warcraft 3 as neutral champions, so do not confuse them for being asociated with the Kung Fu […]

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