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0927 Notch Y U No Like

When Mojang co-founder and Minecraft mastermind Markus “Notch” Persson says something, either in an interview or via Twitter or Facebook post, everybody listens.  His statements often court controversy, whether you agree on them or not, and it’s quite clear he wants it that way.  Notch’s latest beef is with the Microsoft Windows 8 platform, which will be launching slightly less than a month from now.   Earlier today, Notch tweeted his sentiments regarding Windows 8 […]


You are likely familiar with Minecraft: after all, it is only one of the biggest PC games of the century. Millions upon millions of people have allowed their imaginations run wild in the world of Minecraft, and as a result, we have witnessed a plethora of creativity hit the indie title. From entire cities to a 1:1 scale of the Enterprise from Star Trek to recreations of classic video game intros, the potential for creating […]

Ric Richardson

One of the biggest gaming headlines this weekend was the patent suit filed by computer security software company Uniloc against several gaming developers’ license check systems.  Tops on Uniloc’s list was Mojang, a Swedish company owned by Markus “Notch” Persson and best-known as the developers of Minecraft.  As a result of this suit, Uniloc effectively became the laughing stock of the gaming world.  Not a few people referred to them as “patent trolls”, as the […]

indie revolution cons

From the vantage point of most small time developers, the indie explosion that has taken the gaming industry by storm over the past several years is nothing short of incredible. Suddenly, aspiring game makers have affordable access to the tools they need to rapidly create niche, oft-kilter products. And thanks to portals like Steam the best indie games are being made visible to the masses. Additionally, crowd sourcing formats like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are helping […]

Mincecraft Calculator

They’ve run the gamut from astounding to hauntingly accurate, and although to the uninformed observer they may just come across as a crudely drawn digital lego painting, most of us are well aware of the sheer breadth of some of the more ambitious Minecraft concoctions. But there are a few that define categorization, and even logic. They’re masterpieces in some regard, just not in the more traditional sense – if Minecraft creations could ever be defined […]

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