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Disqualifications at the MLG Summer Championship: League of Legends eSports

At the recent MLG summer championship tournament, two of the better teams on the roster decided to be less than intelligent for the day. The tournament itself was in the finals, with the top two teams ready to do battle for a prize pool of $32,000. The two teams in question, Curse NA and Diginitas had plans that wound up falling outside what everyone was expecting.   The first thing that occurred to clue people […]

Annie In Wonderland

Well, we’re there, the final part of this small series about League of Legends soloqueue. I’m aware of the fact that it may not have been the most informative journey of all time, but writing a wall of text may scare people off so I had to asume that people actually know some things from the start. Anyway, for this part we will simply take a look at some charcters you should avoid at all […]

Freljord Ashe

Well, we’re closing in on the last chapter of this look at League of Legends soloqueue, and in this part we will take a closer look at high ELO, 1800+, and what is required for this level. Obviously, there are many requirements for making it this far, but there are some in particular which we will take a closer look at. First of all, teamplay and map awareness, although these are required for lower levels […]

League of Legends

In the previous two posts we’ve been talking about low ELO and how to handle it if you wish to improve your rating from there. Today is a little different, today we’ll be talking about mid level ELO, high silver to ~high gold. Of course you have to keep the basics in mind even here, but at this point you aren’t forced to carry your team completely anymore, which means you can be less greedy […]

League of Legends

Well, there are quite a few things you need to consider if you wish to succeed in League of Legends soloqueue, and for the sake of this “guide” we will asume that you are going soloqueue and not duoqueue. If you wish to go duo there are quite a few additional things to consider. We will also asume that you have some sense of how the current metagame works, as if your account is level […]

League of Legends

ELO hell, where most League of Legends players consider themselves to have ended up, that is not true though. Of course ELO hell is a bit of a definition question, but I’ll try to break it down a bit. Do you end up playing 4 vs. 5 or 4 vs. 4, or perhaps with even less players more or less every game? Is there more than one person on your teams going negative 10 or […]

Yellow Jacket Shen

In general League of Legends is a really good game, possibly the best MOBA-game out there right now, but as always, nothing is perfect and even Riot have made a few mistakes lately. A good example is the massive amount of new champions they are constantly pushing out, in a sense it kind of disrupts the general gameplay more than it adds more diversity to it. Appart from that, it feels like they could benefit […]

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