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Disqualifications at the MLG Summer Championship: League of Legends eSports

At the recent MLG summer championship tournament, two of the better teams on the roster decided to be less than intelligent for the day. The tournament itself was in the finals, with the top two teams ready to do battle for a prize pool of $32,000. The two teams in question, Curse NA and Diginitas had plans that wound up falling outside what everyone was expecting.   The first thing that occurred to clue people […]

Defeat Rengar, the Pridestalker League of Legends bushhopping LOLcat guide

With 75% of the map being forest and foliage the flora will be helping the fauna kick your butt. Rengar,  a mancat Melee jungler that even Liono would be proud to have as his Champion is the latest release from League of Legends in this week’s Champion Spotlight. As wont with new Champions, you will be seeing a lot of him for the next few weeks so it’s best to know what you are up […]

League of Legends Hottest Cosplay at Gamescon 2012: Cosplay Fun and Fails D3, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy

  We would like to throw some love on the hardworking Cosplayers out there! Its a lot of painstaking work to keep the integrity of your character and endless hours of research. We will highlight some of the hottest and most unique Cosplayer and Costumers seen on the web, at conventions, and sprinkled in social media! Be sure to check back! This installment is from Gamescon 2012 and League of Legends was in full force […]


In the newest patch Riot is changing to play style of the second assassin they added to the ranks of champions in the early days of the game. Riot is making strides to improve Twitch to be a much more aggressive rat, in an effort to make his ability to pop out of stealth and murder someone much easier for the player. Riot validates this in the same way they did with eve, by citing […]

Evelynn, The Widowmaker: Third times a charm?

So, in a seemingly continual effort to let players get used to a style of playing Evelynn well before completely remaking the champion, Riot is yet again redesigning her to be “the best assassin.”   Evelynn is the first of two top-down remakes Riot plans to do. The Plague Rat, Twitch, is also set to be redesigned as Riot continues to work on a way to have stealth be viable in the game without it […]

DotA artwork

Some may ask themselves why I would sit down and write a post about this, well, the main reason is that it breaks my heart when I see people make their team fall over completely because of slight mechanical disadvantages. Obviously I do understand that some are new to the genre and don’t know everything yet, but there are cases where a little more focus on basic aspects of the game would help them do […]

Annie In Wonderland

Well, we’re there, the final part of this small series about League of Legends soloqueue. I’m aware of the fact that it may not have been the most informative journey of all time, but writing a wall of text may scare people off so I had to asume that people actually know some things from the start. Anyway, for this part we will simply take a look at some charcters you should avoid at all […]

Freljord Ashe

Well, we’re closing in on the last chapter of this look at League of Legends soloqueue, and in this part we will take a closer look at high ELO, 1800+, and what is required for this level. Obviously, there are many requirements for making it this far, but there are some in particular which we will take a closer look at. First of all, teamplay and map awareness, although these are required for lower levels […]

League of Legends

In the previous two posts we’ve been talking about low ELO and how to handle it if you wish to improve your rating from there. Today is a little different, today we’ll be talking about mid level ELO, high silver to ~high gold. Of course you have to keep the basics in mind even here, but at this point you aren’t forced to carry your team completely anymore, which means you can be less greedy […]

League of Legends

Well, there are quite a few things you need to consider if you wish to succeed in League of Legends soloqueue, and for the sake of this “guide” we will asume that you are going soloqueue and not duoqueue. If you wish to go duo there are quite a few additional things to consider. We will also asume that you have some sense of how the current metagame works, as if your account is level […]

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