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1001 Nexus 2

It’s been a while since we’ve highlighted a Kickstarter title, so why not do it again now?  Kickstarter has often served as a launching pad for long-awaited sequels, such as Wasteland 2, a follow-up to a game that was originally released a good 24 years ago.  Of course, there are times when things don’t exactly go according to plan.  Skyjacker somehow fell short of the funding goal despite its promise.  Instead of covering more popular choices […]

Skyjacker Game

  Attracting less than 65 percent of a crowdsourced funding goal may not seem like something to write home about, but the folks from Digitilus aren’t shedding any tears over what would normally be a crushing blow.  Last time we talked about Skyjacker, there were three days remaining before the deadline for funding via Kickstarter, and Digitilus had barely cracked the $100,000 mark.  Eight hours ago, that deadline passed, and at the end of it […]


  Little more than a week ago, we briefly featured Skyjacker as one of the top titles being funded via Kickstarter.  Described by developers Digitilus as a cross between Lord of the Rings, Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed (albeit set in outer space), Skyjacker is a throwback to old-fashioned space combat games.  Pledging $15 will get you not only the game, but a special 30-track Soundtrack Pack and a set of cool Skyjacker […]

Wasteland WP

and after  Way back in 1988, Electronic Arts published a post-apocalyptic title called Wasteland, which was set in 2087, 89 years after the (obviously fictional) nuclear war of 1998.  As is the case with most any other game from the period, the graphics were crude, but the storyline and gameplay were engaging enough for Wasteland to win its share of accolades.  Who would’ve guessed that the sequel would be two and a half decades in […]


A year ago, if you wanted to see a sequel to Carmageddon, you would have been out of luck. The franchise hasn’t seen a new title since 1997, and has become nothing more than a cult classic celebrated by only a handful of gamers. Carmageddon is a true classic, but thanks to Kickstarter, a new Carmageddon is going to see the light of day.   Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last year, […]


So – lets continue, from part one that may be found HERE   I love sandbox type of games, that is why I struggle to get into EVE again and again.  And there are three titles that catches my attention:   The Repopulation     The game itself has too much features to go one by one, lets just see some of the main ones – you are rebuilding the civilization. Well that is enough said, oh […]


Cheesy title, love it. (Editor – not so much)   As we in ModernFictum dumped our girlfriends and forgot about our real-social life – so we can bring you the most interesting from the gaming environment. we decided that it is that time of month again… to have a round-house kick at Kickstarter campaigns and see whats what.   Disclaimer: All opinions listed here are personal, I do understand that each developer put great effort […]

indie revolution cons

From the vantage point of most small time developers, the indie explosion that has taken the gaming industry by storm over the past several years is nothing short of incredible. Suddenly, aspiring game makers have affordable access to the tools they need to rapidly create niche, oft-kilter products. And thanks to portals like Steam the best indie games are being made visible to the masses. Additionally, crowd sourcing formats like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are helping […]


As commonly is the way with trends, they quickly become too big for their own good. And while the crowd sourcing freight train that is Kickstarter has done much good for the independent game industry, the sheer number of indies vying for pledges is rapidly becoming overwhelming. Even former industry giants such as The Two Guys From Andromeda are struggling to procure the necessary funding to bring back the once vaulted Space Quest franchise. With […]


Kickstarter may have become a hotbed for indie developers looking to crowd-fund their game ideas, but that doesn’t mean that all of them succeed in doing so. If you think you’ve got a stellar idea for a game that can’t possibly fail (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) and you’re absolutely serious about putting it into motion, read on for a checklist to help maximize your Kickstarter project’s potential for success.   1.) Write a […]

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