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Guild Wars 2: The not so great stuff

  As with every brand new MMO that hits the market, there are sure to be a handful of annoyances and faults that found their way into the launch product of the game. Guild Wars 2 is no exception to this as despite beta testing, it still brought old baggage with it. Even though this has been resolved now, the people who rushed out to pick up Guild Wars 2 on the first day found […]

Guild Wars 2: Pros and Cons (Part 1 of 2) by Dyann Callahan

  Guild Wars 2: The Pros   Guild Wars 2 hit the market a little over a week ago to the delight of fans everywhere. One of the main reasons to pick up Guild Wars 2 is simply the amount of things this game does right compared to games in recent years. Even though the game is still early in launch, if you have yet to pick it up – then maybe you should. Before […]

0831 Guild Wars 2

Around three thousand players got a literal dose of bad karma yesterday when Arenanet banned them permanently from playing Guild Wars 2.  The reason being was that these players were able to “seize the day” when a certain exploit was discovered, allowing them to buy items on the cheap from karma vendors then fuse the items together to make super-weapons for a fraction of the normal price.  Another 1,000 players were suspended for 72 hours […]


Asura   Charr   Human Norn   The past few days have seen the folks from ArenaNet get busy with teasers for their upcoming title, Guild Wars 2.  Earlier in the week a video was posted for the upcoming vista feature – this feature aids players in map completion whenever they find a vista.  That 38-second video gave us a dazzling glimpse at the graphical quality we can expect from Guild Wars 2, but it’s […]


Picture it: 2004.   Blizzard’s just unleashed an exciting form of gameplay featuring dwarfs, gnomes, humans and night elves combating orcs, tauren, trolls and the Forsaken. It wasn’t the first MMO—games like Island of Kesmai and the 1991 Neverwinter Nights hold that honor—but it was definitely the first one to see 12 million subscribers long after its release date. However, I would be remiss to not point out how quickly this number’s been dropping for Blizzard lately, prompting […]

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