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0824 GTA V 1

  If you had recently seen what looked like a genuine screenshot advertising a GTA V release date to fall sometime in “Q4 2012”, then don’t get yourself too excited.  Don’t start blocking out dates on your calendar or scheduling after-school or after-work hours on your planner so that you can have enough time to explore Los Santos en route to 100 percent completion.  As you might have guessed, that supposed leak from the Rockstar […]

0824 GTA V 3

They just keep getting better and better.  And it’s more than just the advanced graphics.  Two days after revealing a set of screenshots called “Leisure” (the tennis court, the dirt bike race, the man on a parachute), Rockstar Games posted four new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots today, filed under – as you may expect – “Business.”   If these screens are all about business, then I guess you can say this is how things […]

0822 GTA V

We’re seeing more of Grand Theft Auto V, just as Rockstar had promised following the last batch of GTA V screenshots.  Just a few days ago we saw some of the ways GTA V’s protagonist could get around town – by bicycle, by car (particularly, the mighty Cheetah) and by plane (the Hydra).  These next few screenshots do not show our protagonist, whoever he is, do what he does best, but instead show him in […]

0820 GTA 2

Are you excited to see Grand Theft Auto V?  Most market analysts believe it won’t be much longer, perhaps two months, before we see the title out.  But there are others who think October 2012 may be too soon, and believe sometime early next year would be more realistic.  In the meantime, Rockstar Games has provided us with more screenshots for their upcoming title, and unlike the first two screenshots we saw, there’s more to […]


It was all numbers, numbers, numbers as Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two had its first fiscal quarter earnings call recently.  That said, we still do not know when Rockstar exactly plans to release its fifth-generation crime spree on PC game format, Grand Theft Auto V.  Since its announcement late last year, we’ve seen a few rather nondescript screenshots, some assurance that the company is “busy working on the game” and that teaser trailer released way […]

GTA V Chopper

  Reticent as they may be when discussing the details of the fifth-generation Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games quietly posted two new GTA V screenshots Thursday.  This is the first time the company has revealed anything about the upcoming shoot-‘em-up since posting a teaser video in November of last year.   These new screenshots were posted on the official Rockstar blog site, filed under Asked and Answered.  The first image (as seen on this article) […]

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