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0919 Crysis

  Don’t expect a lot of action from EA’s new trailer for Crysis 3.  But if you consider that the trailer last just 40 seconds and is meant to focus on the upcoming title’s “summer accolades”, then there may be a relatively amount of fast-paced scenes to enjoy while waiting for Crysis 3 to become available.  Back in June, EA confirmed that it will be out by February 2013, so this quick video certainly won’t […]

0917 Bioware

With little of the fanfare associated with major title announcements, Bioware used an open letter from executive producer Mark Darrah on the game’s official site to formally let the world know about Dragon Age III – Inquisition.   “I am pleased to confirm that we are, in fact, working on the next Dragon Age game,” said Darrah in his open letter to gamers, shortly after introducing himself and his credentials with Bioware.  “Not a big surprise to […]


Earlier this week (Monday to be exact), the entire online world was abuzz about the leaked announcement that Battlefield 4 is a real thing, and we would all be able to play it sooner rather than later. Many of us were also informed that the individuals that pre-ordered DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter would be able to obtain beta access for BF4. As hard as EA tried to downplay the leaked announcement […]

BF4 Thumb 2

  Yesterday we filled you in on what appeared to be EA DICE removing any and all mentions of Battlefield 4 on their Medal of Honor – Warfighter website on the very same day they referred to it on their pre-order banner.  Now the BF4 references are back with a vengeance, as a new splash on the Warfighter site promises access to Battlefield 4 Beta for buyers who pre-order Warfighter’s Limited Edition.   However, it […]

Warfighter Pre-Order

  Just a few days ago, fans of the Battlefield series were excited to see this line on the pre-order splash for Medal of Honor – Warfighter – “Pre-Order Today for Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta Access.”  Unfortunately, that screen is nowhere in sight as of today, as it looks like EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE) removed the screen as well as anything else alluding to a new title in the Battlefield series.   Was […]


Everyone’s undoubtedly seen the image that’s soared in raging popularity: “On May 31, ROCK BAND will no longer be playable on your device. Thanks for rocking out with us!” If you’re one of the thousands of mobile users who spent a fiver on the pocket-sized music app, then you know what sort of uproar EA caused with this message. The most hilarious part of this whole thing, though? EA quickly backpeddled and tried to make […]

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