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1009 Crysis 3

  Online play will be a key element in the final product when Electronic Arts releases the third installation of its popular Crysis series.  Crysis 3 was briefly teased last month with a quick trailer that combined game footage with a few “summer accolades”, and is scheduled for release in February 2013.  A new trailer has just been released by EA and Crytek, with producer Mike Read sharing his insights on two of the eight […]

0926 Total War Rome 2

  We haven’t heard much from EA and Creative Assembly regarding Total War: Rome II, at least in the past month.  But following the release of the first in-game footage from the upcoming title, we finally have something to make us see why Creative Assembly referred to the game as “the Saving Private Ryan of the ancient world.”   The siege of Carthage takes center stage in this in-game trailer, with all the action you […]

0920 Battlefield 2

Today, September 20, marks the start of a one-week celebration of the tenth anniversary of the first-ever Battlefield title.  It’s actually eight days, as the commemoration of this landmark event in gaming will last until September 28, which is next Friday, but at any rate, the best part about the eight-day special would be the discounted prices on several Battlefield games.   Until midnight of today, you can get either one of these titles for […]

0919 Crysis

  Don’t expect a lot of action from EA’s new trailer for Crysis 3.  But if you consider that the trailer last just 40 seconds and is meant to focus on the upcoming title’s “summer accolades”, then there may be a relatively amount of fast-paced scenes to enjoy while waiting for Crysis 3 to become available.  Back in June, EA confirmed that it will be out by February 2013, so this quick video certainly won’t […]

0917 Bioware

With little of the fanfare associated with major title announcements, Bioware used an open letter from executive producer Mark Darrah on the game’s official site to formally let the world know about Dragon Age III – Inquisition.   “I am pleased to confirm that we are, in fact, working on the next Dragon Age game,” said Darrah in his open letter to gamers, shortly after introducing himself and his credentials with Bioware.  “Not a big surprise to […]

0913 Warfighter 1

    With less than a month and a half remaining before Medal of Honor: Warfighter makes its debut, EA released two more trailers today for the highly-anticipated title – one discussing the topic of fireteams, and the other interviewing an actual soldier who had contributed in the design and concept of Warfighter.  This comes right after the Osama-themed Zero Dark Thirty DLC was announced, a collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment promoting the film of […]

0910 Warfighter

On December 2012, the film Zero Dark Thirty will hit theaters; this is a film dealing with the mission to capture or assassinate only the one of the world’s most hated men, Osama bin Laden, or die trying.  And in what appears to be a cross-promotion for the movie and Electronic Arts’ upcoming title Medal of Honor: Warfighter, two new maps were announced today, straight out of the aforementioned Sony Pictures Entertainment film.   The […]

0904 Armored Kill

  DICE has a surprise for all you Battlefield 3 players – two, in fact, if you come to think of it.  Regardless of what platform you prefer, a fresh patch is available for all versions of Battlefield 3, a week ahead of the release of the Armored Kill DLC for PC.  This will mostly be a stability patch designed to correct a variety of inconsistencies and bugs in the Battlefield system.  If you submitted […]

0815 Command and Conquer

  Thanks to the Command & Conquer series, Electronic Arts was able to create a new gaming niche – the real-time strategy.  Since the 1995 release of Tiberium Dawn, the C&C franchise has grown with the RTS genre, still very popular in today’s gaming milieu.  But on the other side of things, free-to-play massively multiplayer online titles (MMO) have shown us in recent years that it could be fun to join thousands of other players […]


Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar is coming to the PC and iPad in the near future. Contrary to most of the previous entries, this version of the title will be aimed at an online audience. The last time the series saw a major release was with Ultima Online and with EA and Bioware Mythic building things, you can expect the game to hit a pretty solid level of quality, especially since few online games have […]

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