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Three more years of E3 in L.A. – that’s how it looks like as the Entertainment Software Association has committed to keeping the E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles till 2015.   “We are proud to partner with Los Angeles for another three years, said ESA head Michael Gallagher in a statement. “The City serves as a strong backdrop for the video game industry’s biggest announcements and we look forward to remaining in […]


  Those of you familiar with the game will know Operation Metro is one of the more popular rush maps and is quite possibly the most well-known map due to it being a staple of the open beta BF3 had as well as being the map showcased at E3 that year. Although it is a rush map, it is one of the smallest multiplayer maps in the game and this makes or some intense fighting […]

Arma 3 Looks Amazing

If you haven’t heard of the hyper-realistic, insanely detailed, and graphically-demanding Arma series, you probably don’t own a PC. Although technically the label may be fitting, it is absurdly difficult to call the upcoming Arma 3 an indie game, especially when the extraordinary attention to detail and photorealistic graphics are so convincing of the contrary. Most recently, developer Bohemia Interactive from the Czech Republic showed off some new gameplay of Arma 3, detailing several key […]


  THQ  is really seeing some tough times lately, though whether it’s on par with the disaster that Curt Schilling turned 38 Studios and Big Huge Games into is a completely different story. Considering the former has been in the industry with us since I was born, that’s a pretty unfortunate turn of events.   Where do I even begin with the mess that THQ has been in lately? What proof is there that this […]

What I Want From Half-Life 3

For what feels like the umpteenth time, rumors have begun to fly about the possibility of a Half-Life 3 announcement at this year’s E3. While I’ve prepared myself for these rumors to be completely false (Valve seems to think they are), I can’t help but feel as if Valve has been mum for far too long regarding the Half-Life franchise’s future, and that this really could be the year that we see Gordon Freeman and […]

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