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0815 Skeleton King

Haven’t purchased Diablo III yet because it’s so darn expensive?  Or perhaps holding off on the Blizzard title until the powers that be waive the controversial “always-online” requirement?  Well, we’ve got some good news for you, though it’s not an announcement that you can play Diablo III solo (and till Level 60) even if your Internet connection starts playing up.  Blizzard announced yesterday the unveiling of the Diablo III Starter Edition, a “taster” of sorts […]

Bonecrusher Feature

As we’d told you in the past, the powers that be behind Diablo III want to focus on the title’s interactive qualities, thus the controversial requirement to stay online every time you play.  Well, Blizzard has launched another interactive feature of sorts, Character Profiles.  Players can now log on to Battle.net to view and manage their characters, among other things which we’ll be talking about below.   As of yesterday, the Profiles feature was all […]


It’s been exactly two years and three days since Blizzard gave us StarCraft 2, the sequel to the original StarCraft.  Typical of Blizzard, StarCraft 2 came a good twelve years after the original StarCraft, and the expansion packs Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void were announced four years ago.  Still, we’ve yet to see either expansion in stores, and according to one analyst, there’s a good chance Swarm won’t be available till […]

Diablo III box

As Blizzard President Mike Morhaime said the other day, Diablo III is a game that was designed to be enjoyed with friends, thus the need to have constant access to the Internet.   But what if you’re the type of gamer who finds more satisfaction in playing games by your lonesome?  What if all your close friends have more important things to do than defeat a computerized version of the Man Downstairs and his sundry minions?  […]


  If you’ve been playing Diablo III as a Wizard, you may have heard of an exploit uncovered last night wherein Wizards would become impervious to any kind of damage – in short, immortal.  Regardless of what mode you play in, all you would have to do follow a few simple steps involving Teleport and Archon and pointing your mouse near the Wizard.  Battle.net member Doso posted the exploit in the Bug Report subforum last […]

Always Online

Since the release of Diablo III this May, we’ve heard a lot about the “always online” requirement.  While there are those among us who don’t seem to mind having to play Diablo III while logged on to the Internet, many others are less than thrilled about it.  Why should a game that had worked perfectly fine on offline mode in previous iterations suddenly require an Internet connection while playing?  Most gamers attributed it to Blizzard’s […]


Earlier this week, the Internet was abuzz by the report that a Taiwanese teenage died after playing Diablo III for 40 hours straight. The 18-year old male booked a room at a café in Tainan on July 13, to which he spent nearly two days playing Diablo III without eating (and likely without drinking water or even standing).   Two days later, someone found him resting on a table, to which an attendant at the […]

Diablo III Patch 1.0.3 Tips

  Patch 1.0.3 has arrived – and given Blizzard’s tediously slow nature, much sooner than expected. With the new patch comes a variety of bug, itemization and difficulty fixes that are sure to appease fans. Yes, some will complain about all the nerfs, and rightfully so. But overall the changes are catered towards smoother progress – something that was severely lacking up until now. Because 1.0.3 changes the nature of the game so drastically, players […]

Torchlight II More Appealing Than Diablo III

Diablo III is a well thought out, extremely polished game that for the most part stays true to its spirit of its predecessor. However, as the weeks go by more and more inherent design flaws are being unveiled, most of them related to server stability, class balance and difficulty. Ultimately, this leads one to believe that Blizzard may have lost their way over the course of a grueling and mysterious 11-year development period. Invariably, most […]

Diablo III Best Soloing Classes

                                  The debate ends here. Alright, it probably won’t but Modern Fictum has played each of Diablo III’s five classes through to Inferno and is ready to weigh in on which ones they feel stand the best shot of tossing Inferno Diablo off the perch of Heaven. Listed from the most futile to the most useful, Modern Fictum proudly […]

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