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1008 WoW 2

Hackers will invariably do anything to get a rise, so to say.  When it comes to hacking games, they want to see chaos erupt by any means necessary, even if it means wiping out hundreds and thousands of players, or even an entire city, for that matter.  Yesterday, several hackers in the guise of Level 1 World of Warcraft characters killed off everyone – players and NPCs included – in Stormwind and Ogrimmar.  Other cities, […]

0925 StarCraft 2

As a long-time gamer and the last guy picked to play “actual” sports on many a occasion in my younger days, I’m glad there is such a thing as eSports – at least there’s a sport I can claim to be good at if I decided to go pro.  For those who don’t know what it is, it’s competitive video gaming.  It is considered a professional sport, where competitors win prizes and honors just like […]

0912 Panda

Before you use World of Warcraft’s screenshot-snapping tool, you might want to think twice.  Reports emerged yesterday regarding watermarks surreptitiously embedded in each screenshot taken on WoW’s tool, containing the user’s account ID, the realm’s IP address and the screenshot’s timestamp.   According to OwnedCore, which had responded to feedback from several WoW players, the codes do not include really sensitive, personal user data.  No real names or passwords are included in these watermarks.  But […]

0817 Pandaren

  Serious World of Warcraft players probably wouldn’t benefit much from Blizzard unlocking all of Azeroth’s races from the beginning of the game.  Heck, why unlock something that was already made available through the Cataclysm expansion?  But we have to consider that WoW keeps drawing new gamers into the fold, and the newbies will (hopefully) be glad to know that Patch 5.0.4 will make each and every race will be playable from the get-go, regardless […]

0816 Swarm

You’ve waited as long as we have for this day, and it has finally come.  After making Starcraft II players wait for what seemed like an eternity, Blizzard announced just a few hours ago that the Heart of the Swarm beta version should be available for testing “very soon.”  What Blizzard means exactly by “soon”, we don’t exactly know, but to give you an idea of what gaming companies (and tech companies in general) usually […]

0815 Skeleton King

Haven’t purchased Diablo III yet because it’s so darn expensive?  Or perhaps holding off on the Blizzard title until the powers that be waive the controversial “always-online” requirement?  Well, we’ve got some good news for you, though it’s not an announcement that you can play Diablo III solo (and till Level 60) even if your Internet connection starts playing up.  Blizzard announced yesterday the unveiling of the Diablo III Starter Edition, a “taster” of sorts […]

Bonecrusher Feature

As we’d told you in the past, the powers that be behind Diablo III want to focus on the title’s interactive qualities, thus the controversial requirement to stay online every time you play.  Well, Blizzard has launched another interactive feature of sorts, Character Profiles.  Players can now log on to Battle.net to view and manage their characters, among other things which we’ll be talking about below.   As of yesterday, the Profiles feature was all […]

Bobby Kotick

It was a big blow for World of Warcraft fans when Sam Raimi, one of the most recognizable and high-profile directors in the entertainment world, announced he wouldn’t be directing the World of Warcraft movie.   Three weeks ago, the Spider-Man series director told Crave Online at Comic-Con, “Actually, they don’t have me directing World of Warcraft anymore because when I took the (Oz: The Great and Powerful) job, they had to move on to another […]


It’s been exactly two years and three days since Blizzard gave us StarCraft 2, the sequel to the original StarCraft.  Typical of Blizzard, StarCraft 2 came a good twelve years after the original StarCraft, and the expansion packs Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void were announced four years ago.  Still, we’ve yet to see either expansion in stores, and according to one analyst, there’s a good chance Swarm won’t be available till […]


  Prelude: Instead of the normal more news-focused format I write in, this is going to be a more personal take on what Diablo 3 wound up being in my eyes, as well as why exactly I stopped wasting time on it.     Build up to buying: I, like many other players, waited for the arrival of the finale in this trilogy with open arms and eager expectations. Having played the second installment of […]

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