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1005 Mass Effect 3

  Mass Effect 3 will be getting even better on October 9, as BioWare confirmed that would be the date the Retaliation DLC is released in the United States for all supported platforms.  Those in Europe will get their chance to download Retaliation the very next day.  And the best part of this DLC is that it won’t cost a single cent.   Retaliation adds quite a lot to the continuing saga (or should we […]

0918 Zeschuk and Muzyka

  Canadian developer BioWare is back in the news and it’s not because of any fresh updates on the recently announced Dragon Age III – Inquisition or new DLC for Mass Effect 3.  The two men who founded BioWare in 1995, Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, have simultaneously announced their retirement from the industry of gaming on separate blog posts.  Both discussed different ambitions in their post-gaming lives through their posts, and fortunately it looks […]

0917 Bioware

With little of the fanfare associated with major title announcements, Bioware used an open letter from executive producer Mark Darrah on the game’s official site to formally let the world know about Dragon Age III – Inquisition.   “I am pleased to confirm that we are, in fact, working on the next Dragon Age game,” said Darrah in his open letter to gamers, shortly after introducing himself and his credentials with Bioware.  “Not a big surprise to […]

0814 One Does Not 2

Stop the presses!   An official listing for this year’s Gamescom published on the organizers’ website had suggested that two long-rumored titles, Valve’s Half-Life 3 and BioWare’s Dragon Age 3, would be among the titles announced at the yearly event in Cologne.  It sounded like perfect gaming news material in preparation for Gamescom 2012, but just as many of us suspected, it was all too good to be true.  Good thing we thought better of […]


Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar is coming to the PC and iPad in the near future. Contrary to most of the previous entries, this version of the title will be aimed at an online audience. The last time the series saw a major release was with Ultima Online and with EA and Bioware Mythic building things, you can expect the game to hit a pretty solid level of quality, especially since few online games have […]

Star Wars The Old republic

Those hankering to brandish a lightsaber and wield the power of the Dark Side needn’t wait any longer. Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available to 38 new territories located throughout Europe and the Middle East. An MMO that has gained notoriety more for name recognition and developer reputation than by breaking through traditional MMO conventions, SW: TOR currently boasts 1.7 million subscribers. Naturally the inclusion of 38 more countries should see this number rise dramatically. Unfortunately, […]

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