0813 Bajwa

As gaming writers, it goes without saying that we enjoy the simple (or not-so simple) escapism video games have to offer.  We cringe whenever we hear about the likes of Jack Thompson and their numerous efforts to ban certain games; these are people who make video games look like a symptom of everything that’s wrong with modern society.  But what makes us cringe even more are the gamers who go too far and give whackos […]

“Her Chainsaw brings all the boys to the yard!” Lollipop Chainsaw's Jessica Nigri goes legendary as the "Queen Of Cosplay"

Famous for her Lollipop Chainsaw, Jessica Nigri is a fan favorite and a Legend amongst those in the gaming industry. Jessica is unofficial “Queen of Cosplay” to fans. They are many types of Cosplayers and they are not to be confused with “Booth Babes” to fans. A Booth Babe is a paid spokesperson by the company to be like a Nerded-up Vanna White type spokesperson who is there to look ornamental and move product. Companies […]


  Dare ProtoPlay is an event that should be attended by thousands of people this coming weekend. It will be held in Dundee’s Caird Hall, in Scottland. While many of the readers of this site may have little to no way to make it to this festival, there are a few things to take note of, especially my PC Gaming fans.   The festival is completely free to attend and will run from Aug 10-12th. […]

Beating The Dream Eater Chill Clawbster from Prankster’s Paradise in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

  Depending on which character you are playing at the time, players who get through Prankster’s Paradise in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance will have to defeat the Dream Eaters Char Clawbster or Chill Clawbster. As Sora tries reaching Monstro to free Pinocchio and Jiminy from within the massive beast, the Chill Clawbster attacks, freezing the whale. Realizing the danger it poses to his friends, Sora engages the monster in battle.    Here are a […]

BioShock Infinite: An Irrational Production

Gamers everywhere let out a collective cry of sadness all the way back in May as the newest installment in the fantastic BioShock series was pushed back until early 2012. A mass letter went out from the head of Irrational Games Ken Levine explaining this away as giving the dev team more time to polish up the game and ensure everything they are trying to release in the infinite package works as intended.   In […]

Sleeping Dogs Exclusive PC Bonuses

If you have been keeping an eye on the upcoming Sleeping Dogs, you may be excited to see that PC gamers are in for a few special surprises. While PC gamers are used to having slightly better graphics than their console counterparts on games that reach each of the platforms, Sleeping Dogs is bringing some unique features to the PC that may not be 100% clear, but all sound great.     To start, the open world […]

Creative Kills

  “Has anyone here played Thief?  No?  That’s what I (thought) though.”   That’s just one of the many comments on the YouTube trailers for Bethesda’s upcoming first-person stealth game, Dishonored.  Yes, it plays out a lot like Eidos Montreal’s Thief series, and many gamers think that this October 2012 release will be a good diversion until the fourth installment of Thief comes out.  But knowing Bethesda, we’re sure there will be a few key […]

0809 Modern Warfare

Last month, we told you the story of a teenager who died after a 40-hour Diablo III station in Southern Taiwan.  During those three-plus days, the young man didn’t eat a single bite, and it was only discovered that he had passed away when an attendant saw him slumped on the table.  A similar case happened in Columbus, Ohio earlier this week, as a 15-year-old boy was hospitalized after four straight days of playing the […]

Steam Store

We know the Steam Store as a one-stop shop for some of the hottest games available for the PC. Indeed, that photo you see in this article is representative of your typical day at the Steam Store – popular titles, with a lot of them available at a discounted price.  Things may be a little different for the digital distribution site next month, as Valve announced today that it will be selling software programs that […]

Bonecrusher Feature

As we’d told you in the past, the powers that be behind Diablo III want to focus on the title’s interactive qualities, thus the controversial requirement to stay online every time you play.  Well, Blizzard has launched another interactive feature of sorts, Character Profiles.  Players can now log on to Battle.net to view and manage their characters, among other things which we’ll be talking about below.   As of yesterday, the Profiles feature was all […]

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

I’ll fess up – I was almost always the worst Counter-Strike player in my group of college friends.  If my teammates would notice a man down, it would invariably be me, down after yet another misguided kamikaze attempt.  It was the gaming equivalent of a hockey power play, a handicap match between counter-terrorists and terrorists.  But I can’t deny that it was a whole lot of fun back then, even now, during the rare times […]


Ultima Forever Quest for the Avatar is coming to the PC and iPad in the near future. Contrary to most of the previous entries, this version of the title will be aimed at an online audience. The last time the series saw a major release was with Ultima Online and with EA and Bioware Mythic building things, you can expect the game to hit a pretty solid level of quality, especially since few online games have […]

PoP Zero 2

A new leak posted on the Ubisoft forums gave us a preview of what the future (or past) of the Prince of Persia serieswould look like.   The leaked screenshot, posted by a forum member called blueobelix, shows a character, possibly not the Prince, with his back turned, seemingly addressing a group of people from historical times.  The photo was supposed to be for the failed “PoP Zero 2” reboot, as indicated on the text […]

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