0817 Fry

Whenever somebody refers to the “R” word – racism – in an interview, people sit up straight and pay attention.  Even if it’s an off-the-record remark, it suddenly becomes the main focus of the interview, and everything that people talk about when commenting on Internet blogs and forums.  That’s what happened to Assassin’s Creed III creative director Alex Hutchinson after he obliged CVG with a quick interview earlier today on Ubisoft’s next big multi-platform title. […]

0817 Pandaren

  Serious World of Warcraft players probably wouldn’t benefit much from Blizzard unlocking all of Azeroth’s races from the beginning of the game.  Heck, why unlock something that was already made available through the Cataclysm expansion?  But we have to consider that WoW keeps drawing new gamers into the fold, and the newbies will (hopefully) be glad to know that Patch 5.0.4 will make each and every race will be playable from the get-go, regardless […]


For those of you that grew up in the era of strategy board games, or still dig deep into them, this should be news that gets your juices flowing. Facebook, Google+ and mobile devices are about to get a couple of hotties all up in their networks. Settlers of Catan and Dominion are both making their way to the comfort of your book of faces and other social networks.     Goko, the developer of the games has […]

0816 Swarm

You’ve waited as long as we have for this day, and it has finally come.  After making Starcraft II players wait for what seemed like an eternity, Blizzard announced just a few hours ago that the Heart of the Swarm beta version should be available for testing “very soon.”  What Blizzard means exactly by “soon”, we don’t exactly know, but to give you an idea of what gaming companies (and tech companies in general) usually […]

Darksiders II: Taking Down the Construct Hulk

  After slaughtering your way through the rest of The Nook in Darksiders 2, you will find yourself faced with what is easily the hardest boss yet in the game: The Construct Hulk. The Hulk is a very formidable challenge as he has a plethora of ways to punish a player if they get hit any of his attacks. With this guide you will soon know every trick the Hulk can throw at you as […]

0816 Blake

Looks like I underestimated Jay-Z as a game producer, because the first major news bit relating to NBA 2K13 since the hip-hop superstar was announced as executive producer is a good one.  The 1992 USA Men’s Basketball team will be available on the next installation of the popular sports title, a fitting tribute to a team many consider the greatest to ever represent the United States in the Summer Olympics.  And in addition to that, […]


Seek yon large Treasure Chests and maybe you will see a colored box in your inventory. If so it means you have a Possessed Weapon. So you can bypass that large boss fight and drain on your health if you get lucky with a NPC or a large Treasure Chest. If you see the colored box and odd name- you can rename your Possessed Weapon and customize it. Dyann’s Focused Can of Whuppass, or Stiletto […]


Razer owns a majority of my desk with Logitech handling the keyboard part, for now anyways. Now the old keyboard may be getting a boot once I dig in more on the Razer Deathstalker. Beyond being a basic keyboard, Razers new entry includes the Switchblade UI seen on it’s gaming laptops. This means the keyboard has a built in LCD screen and keys that can give vital information for games. Keys can also change to fit the […]

0815 Command and Conquer

  Thanks to the Command & Conquer series, Electronic Arts was able to create a new gaming niche – the real-time strategy.  Since the 1995 release of Tiberium Dawn, the C&C franchise has grown with the RTS genre, still very popular in today’s gaming milieu.  But on the other side of things, free-to-play massively multiplayer online titles (MMO) have shown us in recent years that it could be fun to join thousands of other players […]

0815 Skeleton King

Haven’t purchased Diablo III yet because it’s so darn expensive?  Or perhaps holding off on the Blizzard title until the powers that be waive the controversial “always-online” requirement?  Well, we’ve got some good news for you, though it’s not an announcement that you can play Diablo III solo (and till Level 60) even if your Internet connection starts playing up.  Blizzard announced yesterday the unveiling of the Diablo III Starter Edition, a “taster” of sorts […]

0814 One Does Not 2

Stop the presses!   An official listing for this year’s Gamescom published on the organizers’ website had suggested that two long-rumored titles, Valve’s Half-Life 3 and BioWare’s Dragon Age 3, would be among the titles announced at the yearly event in Cologne.  It sounded like perfect gaming news material in preparation for Gamescom 2012, but just as many of us suspected, it was all too good to be true.  Good thing we thought better of […]

0814 Remember Me 1

  Looks like Capcom can’t wait for Gamescom to begin.  The yearly gaming expo will kick off tomorrow in Cologne, Germany, and already there is a lot of anticipation building in the air, what with all those rumors floating around and trailers being posted on YouTube.  Capcom, the company behind classics such as the Street Fighter and Mega Man series, has announced a new multi-platform title that promises excitement and a unique futuristic plot once […]

0813 BF4

The first few Battlefield games were historical “period pieces” set in some of the world’s most infamous wars – World War II for the original Battlefield 1942 title, followed by Battlefield Vietnam in 2004.  Last year, PC gamers got a belated taste of the futuristic Battlefield 2142, while console gamers were treated to a couple exclusives in previous years – 2009’s Battlefield 1943 and 2010’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam.  Now that we’re done with […]

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