0827 AC Feature

We won’t blame you if you observe that South Korean developer Webzen has come up with a near carbon copy of Counter-Strike with its free-to-play FPS, Arctic Combat.  And if you look closely at the title’s description on its Facebook page, you’ll see that the game is “based on team/clan strategic gameplay involving tactical perks, weapons, and equipment with realistic warzone effects in the modern warfare battlefields” – see if you can spot another mainstream […]

0824 GTA V 3

They just keep getting better and better.  And it’s more than just the advanced graphics.  Two days after revealing a set of screenshots called “Leisure” (the tennis court, the dirt bike race, the man on a parachute), Rockstar Games posted four new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots today, filed under – as you may expect – “Business.”   If these screens are all about business, then I guess you can say this is how things […]

0824 CS Promo

Just a few days after the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve has already posted two non-beta updates for the title on consecutive days.  Releasing updates for a new title isn’t anything new or uncommon, but to see two daily updates in a row shows how committed Valve is in making CS: GO a successful throwback to those early days, while integrating some new elements such as the game modes we had talked about last […]

Darksiders II: Ghorn and the Scar Dungeon

  Fighting the boss Ghorn is completely up to you, as he is not a boss of the main quest line. In fact, he and his entire dungeon – The Scar Dungeon – can be skipped entirely if you wish. But as with most games, clearing his dungeon and slaying him results in some sweet loot drops. In our ever growing series of how to smack the bosses of Darksiders II in the mouth until […]

0823 Sleeping Dogs

Okay, maybe Rockstar Games is making us wait a bit too long for Grand Theft Auto V.  There have been new screenshots, yes, as well as the “Kifflom” Epsilon Program website and Twitter account, but not quite enough to get most appetites churning.  In the meantime, there are alternatives; you can go for yet another open world crime extravaganza, Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs, which would place you in the role of Chinese-American cop Wei Shen […]

Defeat Rengar, the Pridestalker League of Legends bushhopping LOLcat guide

With 75% of the map being forest and foliage the flora will be helping the fauna kick your butt. Rengar,  a mancat Melee jungler that even Liono would be proud to have as his Champion is the latest release from League of Legends in this week’s Champion Spotlight. As wont with new Champions, you will be seeing a lot of him for the next few weeks so it’s best to know what you are up […]

0822 GTA V

We’re seeing more of Grand Theft Auto V, just as Rockstar had promised following the last batch of GTA V screenshots.  Just a few days ago we saw some of the ways GTA V’s protagonist could get around town – by bicycle, by car (particularly, the mighty Cheetah) and by plane (the Hydra).  These next few screenshots do not show our protagonist, whoever he is, do what he does best, but instead show him in […]

0822 Yves

We cannot deny that software piracy is an ongoing problem for game publishers and developers – it always is as it always has been.  But would you believe that Ubisoft’s ratio of legitimately sold PC game copies to those downloaded or acquired through illicit means is more than nine is to one?  It’s a staggering ratio, and according to the French company’s CEO Yves Guillemot, it’s very accurate as well.   All in all, only […]

0821 CSGO

  In just a few hours from now, Valve will be releasing the next Counter-Strike title, Global Offensive.  As we had told you last time, the title should be a combination of the old and the new, with enough classic elements (such as the maps) to convince long-time fans of the series to give CS: GO a whirl.  In this latest pre-release update, Valve has prepared two new treats for would-be Counter-Strike gamers – a […]

League of Legends Hottest Cosplay at Gamescon 2012: Cosplay Fun and Fails D3, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy

  We would like to throw some love on the hardworking Cosplayers out there! Its a lot of painstaking work to keep the integrity of your character and endless hours of research. We will highlight some of the hottest and most unique Cosplayer and Costumers seen on the web, at conventions, and sprinkled in social media! Be sure to check back! This installment is from Gamescon 2012 and League of Legends was in full force […]

0820 GTA 2

Are you excited to see Grand Theft Auto V?  Most market analysts believe it won’t be much longer, perhaps two months, before we see the title out.  But there are others who think October 2012 may be too soon, and believe sometime early next year would be more realistic.  In the meantime, Rockstar Games has provided us with more screenshots for their upcoming title, and unlike the first two screenshots we saw, there’s more to […]

0820 Fallout

A Reddit user, who may or may not work or study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, made a mysterious, and perhaps nervous posting on the social news site last Friday, claiming that the next installation of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic series will be set in Boston.   The Reddit poster was quite specific in hinting at Bethesda’s connection with MIT and the possibility of the game taking place in Boston.  In full, the mystery man (or […]

Darksiders II: Guide to the Earth Side Quest

The quality and amount of side quests do slim down after you leave The Forge Lands, but there is one side quest of note just for the sheer task the game asks you to do. The quest in question is given to you after you defeat wave after wave of enemies with the Gun of Salvation. Speaking to Uriel after the mass killings will give you the quest, which is to release 10 of her […]

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