Many prospective payday loan borrowers worry about the response they are expected to give, when they are asked about the purpose for which they are seeking out payday loans.   The simple response to that is – you are not expected to specify a particular purpose anyway!   Yes, you can use the money which you obtain through a payday loan, for just about any purpose at all. For instance, if you have a Girlfriend […]

Student Loans of the United States by writer Eric callahan

  The United States is unique in that is one of the few developed countries of the world that makes a student pay their own way through higher education, as opposed to having the government offer it for free or at a highly subsidized rate. For many students of the States seeking to go into college right after high school, the ideal of taking out a student loan is often the easiest option to have […]

payday loan

Banks are very important because they are the source of money.  Without banks, this world would be a very different place and who knows what the economic system would be like.  However, for all the good they do, banks are not often the best place to go for money. When was the last time you needed money and went to a bank?   Do you try and apply for a loan only to run into […]


Yes, there are some people out there who might be of the opinion that when it comes to credit cards, more the merrier, but honestly, that is rarely true.   Rather, financial prudence lies in keeping only an optimal number of credit cards, rather than way too many of them. Yes, “optimal” in this context may well be a subjective term but fact of the matter is that 2 to 3 different credit cards are […]


Anytime you incur student loan debt, based on future return on investment, always bear in mind the speculative nature of the same.   Essentially, one of the most important aspects here would be the fact that return on investment on student loans incurred may take considerable time towards fruition. In certain scenarios, once the loan has been taken, there may be a long period of time when you will in fact only be paying off […]

Loaning Danger: Types of Loans to Avoid by Eric Callahan

There is no shame in admitting you need a loan, and whether you choose to take the loan against your paycheck, home, or dog is up to you. Just know that you need to go into the loan business with caution, as not all the loans are the same. Some of these loans pose a real risk to the borrower of putting them into more financial trouble then they started with, so it is best […]

PaydayLoans advantages

Sometimes stuff happens and you find yourself low on cash.  You work hard, but you are not going to get paid for another week, and the situation is not going to wait that long.  Your situation is dire and payday is just too far away.  Who can you turn to when you need money in a hurry?  Do you really want to involve friends and family and have to ask them for money? You can […]


The typical notion is that if a person has not been paying off loans in time – or perhaps not at all and defaulting on them outright, there is a good chance that the same individual in question will not be able to avail of any loan whatsoever.   That is in fact not true at all.   Specifically, when it comes to payday loans, they are being offered with veritable ease, to those with […]

The Payday Loan by Eric Callahan

    It goes without saying that everyone could use a little extra money in their day-to-day life, especially those who have found themselves living check to check. For these people, unexpected expenses that crop up between checks are a nightmare and have the potential to completely disrupt their lives. For these that find themselves in a time of need, there are places who will happily lend them funds until their next check.   These […]

1010 Black Ops 2 Feature

The Infinity Ward (IW) game engine has been around for what seems like forever.  But if you come to think of it, seven years is close to “forever” in the world of gaming, as Infinity Ward (the engine, that is) had debuted in 2005 on Call of Duty 2.  Despite several changes to the engine, many experts haven’t been shy about criticizing it as being a relic, an anachronism, yesterday’s news.  In an interview with […]

1009 Mechromancer

The follow-up to 2009’s space western FPS Borderlands has been a critical and commercial success since its release close to three weeks ago.  Its edgy sense of humor and healthy doses of shoot-‘em-up action have gone down well with gamers and gaming critics, and that’s probably why Gearbox has released its first downloadable content for Borderlands 2 one week ahead of the promised delivery date.  Originally, Mechromancer was supposed to be out by October 16, […]

1009 Crysis 3

  Online play will be a key element in the final product when Electronic Arts releases the third installation of its popular Crysis series.  Crysis 3 was briefly teased last month with a quick trailer that combined game footage with a few “summer accolades”, and is scheduled for release in February 2013.  A new trailer has just been released by EA and Crytek, with producer Mike Read sharing his insights on two of the eight […]

1008 WoW 2

Hackers will invariably do anything to get a rise, so to say.  When it comes to hacking games, they want to see chaos erupt by any means necessary, even if it means wiping out hundreds and thousands of players, or even an entire city, for that matter.  Yesterday, several hackers in the guise of Level 1 World of Warcraft characters killed off everyone – players and NPCs included – in Stormwind and Ogrimmar.  Other cities, […]

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