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My Vegas BusinessToday we have something different, not your usual “business scheme” product, but something quite unusual, even unique, making it very interesting.


What is My Vegas Business?


My Vegas Business brings something new to the table, product created by Winter Valko, Adam Horowitz and Troy Arnold provides you a one stop turn key solution. It gives you exactly what is say “Vegas Business”. The product itself is a pre-made site which is ready for use and profit.  The site is a platform that allows you to operate a business in Las Vegas, particularly it allows you to sell hotel bookings, club tables and do casino reservations. For example create a special bundle a user will be able to find only on your site, which would be a package of Hotel, Club and Casino reservation for a discounted price? Well no problem My Vegas Business allows that.


Las Vegas is a multibillion dollar industry by itself, and My Vegas Business has prepared a solid platform for you to start taking a share of that pie.


What is inside My Vegas Business?

The My Vegas Business Turn-Key package includes:

  • Beautifully designed website, ready for business
  • Over 70 deals to promote, sell, cross sell etc.
  • Access to relationships and network- real kick start for any business
  • Many tutorials and training videos explaining how to get as much as possible from My Vegas Business
  • Sales team to help you sell the products
  • Marketing team to help you promote your deals
  • Strong customer support
  • Additional application (for example mobile apps)
  • Accessible support for you and your affiliates


So all in all My Vegas Business provides you with a complete back-office, and tutorials how to promote your site/business. The promotion and driving the traffic is obviously a very hard part to do, but a big  ”startup pains” are take away by this product, as they provide complete product and sales backing for you. So you can target only the promotion park of the business, everything else is taken care of.




My Vegas Business Review



It may sound too easy, but that is not completely true. You get an online business ready and running, with you logo and any additions you may choose, but the hard part comes in the actual promotion of the site. Here My Vegas Business is providing a helping hand and teaches you how properly promote. Once someone makes a booking your site, you get paid. They even created a mobile app for you to be constantly checking the business flow at your site, but also created a mobile version of your website so it can be  accessible from any device, therefore making your promotion options a lot wider.


My Vegas Business is already doing the business they offer you in the package themselves, so they can provide substantial knowledge and also they have much better deals with Vegas hotels, casinos and clubs than you could get by yourself – the average discount they have (and will provide to your offers) in comparison to market benchmark – is 20%!


So even if you would book a trip to Vegas for yourself, your family, or friends – you can already start to earn a commission, consider it as a discount to the trip! Further on when you friends who went will like the deal and the places they have been to, they will refer the webpage further – this is just one of the possible promo options.


Pros of My Vegas Business

  1. Awesome Website, with complete back-office
  2. Platform 100% ready to work, no editions needed
  3. Strong Sales and Marketing team ready to support you
  4. Big discounts in comparison to other sites, makes your product VERY competitive
  5. Great tutorials, videos and samples of promotion options
  6. Results of website earnings, comparisons (actual proof!)
  7. Basic version for just 47$
  8. 60 day 100% refund


Cons of My Vegas Business

  1. Very easy to use, niche will become quickly competitive, original marketing ideas will be required
  2. Nothing like a “get rich today” scheme, requires hard work and smart marketing
  3. Some offer are too good to be true and will require additional explanation to customers on why are you able to do it that cheaper




My Vegas Business is a very interesting product, I do not think there is anything similar to that at the moment. It provides a completely done platform ready to earn money for you, though hard work and smart thinking is required to gain significant income from this. Product allow a money back guarantee, so you can give it a try and see for yourself. For such a low price a possibility to exploit such a platform is a very good deal.


See for yourself and give a try to this one of kind platform here at My Vegas Business.


My Vegas Business


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