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Shoe In Money ReviewToday we have something very special, a product presented by THE man himself. So lets now waste any time and get right into it


What is Shoe In Money System?



The creator of the system is a very popular and renown internet marketer Jeremy Shoemaker and to give it even more “knowledge power” he teamed up with Clickbank rock-star Peng Joon. Shoe in Money is one of the few products that actually made by top affiliates, with proven track record prepared to share their knowledge, and of course profit from that in the process.


Jeremy and Peng will lead you step by step through their path as successful internet marketers, who earned millions of dollars and can actually prove it!  This is not one of those “get rich today” courses, this will require hard work and dedication to achieve results, but the steps you have to take are spoon-fed to you, the only thing that you have to do yourself (the most hard one) is  execution!


What is Inside Shoe in Money?


Shoe In Money Blueprint System is a massive course teaching you both theory and practice and consisting of core modules  + additional bonuses. Here is the list of modules you will learn When you will be in members are modules have several subcategories:


Shoe In Money ModulesShoe In Money Review




What i personally liked about Shoe In Money is that it is a complete package, you do not need to buy, read or search for anything else, it is a blueprint of what to do to build you successful online business. Modules are very details and consist both of text and video section which explains but most importantly provides examples!  Here are some modules details review for your convenience:

Shoe In Money Module 1:

Here Jeremy and Peng explain which strategies will work and which will not, mainly they will explain why is that so:

  • Strategies that work
  • Why 98% of affiliates fail
  • Winning strategies of top affiliates
  • Main differences between win and loose strategy

Shoe In Money Module 2:

This module is all about affiliate strategies, it will teach you how to profit from already prepared products, how to choose and properly promote them

  • Choosing a Product
  • Understanding Clickbank
  • How Affiliate Marketing works?
  • What makes a profitable affiliate?

Shoe In Money Module 3:

Establishing yourself as authority in particular niche, how to build relationship and trust with your audience

  • Establishing authority
  • Building relation and rapport
  • Trusting customer – returning customer
  • Lead the crowd

Shoe In Money Module 4:

This Module will teach you how to dominate social media after you established your “online persona”

  • Using your authority online
  • Facebook promotions
  • Other social media promotions (Twitter, Forums…)
  • Cross referencing to your business

Shoe In Money Module 5:

After previous Modules which explain overall setup of an creation of proper connction with audience this module explains how to profit from that crowd you created around yourself, what strategies to use, how to cross sell and make reoccurring purchases.

  • Proper Persuasion Techniques
  • Providing proof and showing the possibilities
  • How to copywrite?
  • How to create sales letter?

Shoe In Money Module 6:

Here Shoemoney will explain how to setup a website, and have a solution prepared in case you need a quick product launch

  • Quick websites for product testing
  • Developing profitable websites
  • Tools of trade
  • Scaling your audience

Shoe In Money Module 7:

Paid traffic is just one side of the coin, it would be really nice to have “organic” traffic coming to your offer, meaning that the profit you make is already Net.

  •  SEO principles
  •  Creating backlinks
  •  Becoming a PR authority site, connecting with other high PR sites
  •  Using Web 2.0 backlinks

After you complete the modules, Shoe In Money System provides you a 30 days guidance of “what to do” that you can stick to religiously as you will be replicating it again and again while scaling your profits.


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This concludes the review so lets get to final points:
Pros of Shoe In Money Blueprint System

  1. Very detailed Content, step by step guide
  2. Proof of success provided
  3. Showing Examples of final works
  4. Strong Support for member
  5. Proven track record of creators
  6. 47$Very affordable price, (can be earned back in matter of 1 day) considering Jeremy Shoemaker public lectures cost around 8.000$ and personal coaching 2.000$
  7. 60 day money back guarantee


Cons of Shoe In Money Blueprint System

  1. Some profit strategies are really easy to do, meaning that soon a lot of Shoe In Money members will replicate them –  saturating the market, so new members will have it more difficult to profit


Summary of Shoe In Money Review

This is one of those rare courses provided by true masters of the field, with everything a new marketer desires as systems, explanations, strategies and also importantly proof that it does work if done properly. The course definitely requires time, work and dedication. At first may come as quite difficult to some, but after you will through all the points once it will be second nature to do it again and again.

You can order Shoe In Money System HERE.





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