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Since you are reading this,  you are interested in internet marketing. And of course Google is a huge part of this business. So, with no further delay:


What is Google Sniper?


Google Sniper is brought to us by George Brown. George is trying to use “unorthodox” marketing techniques, where he is trying not to compete with everybody else but rather create sniper sites after extensive research. His sites are known for catchy sales landing pages and “grasping” story of his own, which can be related to lives of many people.


Google Sniper Review


As mentioned, strong landing (sales) page are a quality mark of George, and that is a big part of Google Sniper concept.  Product is packed with videos which explain how to correctly prepare a landing page and how to stay on the main goal, not deviating to unimportant things. Sniper sites are meant to be targeted and prepared for Google indexing, so if you will do all the steps that are found in the guide – your site will improve in search engine rankings – and that is what it is about, to get your product in front of as many people as possible.


Other strong aspect are converting landing pages, one thing is get people on your site and the other one is to actually make them convert to buyers – Google Sniper explains exactly that, how to create  a strong sales pitch which will help to increase conversions!


Inside Google Sniper

Google Sniper is based on multiple training presentation, the course itself it massive containing of :


  • 25 Training Videos
  • Google Sniper ebook
  • Google Sniper Manual


The main goal it to teach you aspects of internet marketing which will enable you to create successful Google Sniper campaigns. So the you will learn how to create converting sniper sites, how to maximize revenue and profit, how to rank better in search engines and how to convert more.


Pros of Google Sniper

1. Videos are well organized and easy to understand.


2. Even as beginner in field of internet marketing you will learn quickly and will be able to start.


3. Product covers many different angles and gain knowledge can be definitely used on more occasions.


4. Google Sniper does not ask you to buy additional affiliate products!


5. You can try out all the things learned immediately, or even better just do everything as you are being told instantly.


6. No need to spend money on PPC, PPV, Media buying Social Networks or other times of paid advertisements


7. Product is a robust “internet profit how-to” and comes at very low price for such value.


Cons of Google Sniper

1.  You will spend time on the Sniper sites, its not a 5 minute thing. So some additional research, work and tweaking are required. SEO is also a tricky craft, though Google Sniper gives you all the needed info which normally would take long month to gather – you will have to experiment a  bit before you will get it right But once it start running, you will just replicate the success and there will be no stopping you.


2.  There are possibilities how to create sniper sites for free (using free tools, and free hosting , but as you learn more and get profit, you will want to maximize it, and you will need your own hosting and domain, if you do really good you might go even for designer.


You can download Google Sniper Here.














  1. wow, i was struggling for some time, lot of helpfull infio

  2. had anybody actualy bought it? does it work?

    • i have it for few days now, deffinitely added new level to my marketing game, I managed to significantly decrease all my costs – while getting better results

  3. who thought it could be THAT easy!

  4. friend of mine was in the business for 3 years, i started out a week ago… earning more than him

  5. if I would use this guide before, i would not loose so much money

  6. not having anything to do with pcs, i was surprised how easy i understood the program!

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