Typically, there is really no hard and fast rule when it comes to payday loans and their disbursement. There are some loans which can take a few days to process, say two to three days, whereas quite a few payday loans can in fact be processed within hours and the money doled out to you immediately.


In such circumstances, what is crucial is that you check with the concerned payday loan lender to double check the time it will take for the concerned loan to be processed. Assuming that you are in a hurry, which is quite likely to be the case anyway, you would obviously like to see the loan being processed as soon as possible.


That being the case, we would advice that you approach such a payday lender which in fact processes your loan the fastest. Ideally, there are many payday lenders which process loans within say two to three hours at the most. Given the fact that you need the money as fast as possible, please try and make sure that you approach such a lender only.


Since speed is of the essence here, you will find that the paperwork required will also be minimal, again something which will work to your advantage in a really big way. In a lot of cases, you will not have to submit any paperwork at all; your application will be processed (or in some really rare cases, rejected) on the basis of information which is available online.


This is particularly true in the case of documents which had to be faxed in the past, which is a trend which has really become passe these days, giving rise to what are known as ‘no fax payday loans’; in other words, payday loans for which there are no faxes which need to be sent out; either the information which is available online will suffice, or you will need to submit minimal documentation personally or over email.


Taking all of these factors into consideration, we would suggest that you shop around adequately. Remember that if you look around enough, there is a very good chance that you will in fact be able to avail of a loan which is disbursed really very fast.


The only aspect you will need to think about in such a scenario would be the possibility of a rather high rate of interest. In case that is not a matter of concern, then you can easily go ahead and avail of a loan which is processed super fast.


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