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     Anyone that has a credit card either from a department store or credit card company, you are then familiar with the concept of what interest is.  When you have a credit card or get a loan, you will have to pay interest on the money you have borrowed or are given access to when you use a credit card.  If something happens and you max out of your card or do not pay your loan back on time, that interest rate you are paying may go up pretty significantly.  Imagine paying something like twenty percent or more on a credit card?  Imagine your payments not really reducing what you owe because all of your payment is going toward the interest?  If you need money and get a payday loan, you do not have to worry about having to pay a huge amount of interest.


You do not have to worry about late fees or getting a huge interest charge with a payday loan:  Banks can charge huge interest on loans, especially if you are late with a payment.  Your payments were hard before, but now your payments are going to be even tougher with the extra interest charge. The best way to avoid late fees or high interest amounts is to get a payday loan.  If you can pay the loan back on time or early, you will not have to worry about any kind of interest on the money you borrowed.


If you have a credit card then you know what interest is and how much it can hurt you when you are charged interest.  Your interest may start off small, but if you make too many late payments or forget to make a payment all together, you may be facing a penalty in the form of a higher interest rate. With a payday loan, you don’t have to worry about paying a huge amount of interest as long as you pay your payday loan off on time.

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  1. they dont take “payments” its a lump sum all at once

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