Anytime you incur student loan debt, based on future return on investment, always bear in mind the speculative nature of the same.


Essentially, one of the most important aspects here would be the fact that return on investment on student loans incurred may take considerable time towards fruition. In certain scenarios, once the loan has been taken, there may be a long period of time when you will in fact only be paying off your student loan debt, without actually making any money on the qualifications that you have obtained.


These are all real  life instances which have in fact happened with a lot of people out there. So do not write them off as mere hearsay.


At the same time, you should neither be averse to the concept of student loans nor develop a negative attitude towards the entire job market scenario itself. Yes, things are bad, but they are not that bad; jobs are still available, although there is no doubt about the fact that they are a lot harder to come by today.


Rather, the correct attitude would be to be much more prudent in terms of taking up student loans for those jobs which are far more secure and pay well – in addition to the very fact that they are much easier to come by.


An instance would be getting into one of the crème de la crème institutes in the country, where you know that the placement which you will get will also prove to be top class. Another instance would be when say you are already on the job in a particular industry, and are going back to school with a student loan, only to enhance your overall knowledge and awareness – which you know will ultimately bear rich rewards for you in the form of even higher pay and overall emoluments.


The key takeaway from this article would be that given the uncertain times we are living in, taking on speculative student debt could possibly (but not necessarily) end up being a dead turkey; so always maintain judiciousness in your student loan behavior, as much as you can.


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