Guild Wars 2: The Pros


Guild Wars 2 hit the market a little over a week ago to the delight of fans everywhere. One of the main reasons to pick up Guild Wars 2 is simply the amount of things this game does right compared to games in recent years. Even though the game is still early in launch, if you have yet to pick it up – then maybe you should.

Before I get into the features of the game that make it worth picking up, there is one that is of such importance it stands outside the list: There is no subscription fee to this game. That alone should make it worth noticing for those who have been handing out monthly fees in recent years to MMO companies.


The Guilds

Guild Wars 2 has a very unique take on the guild system by allowing a player to be in multiple guilds at the same time, and allowing guilds to be held across multiple servers as well. This means for those players who have multiple interests to juggle ( PvE, PvP, Raid) it is not a stretch to have a guild for each now. Cross-server guilds allow friends on different servers to stay in touch, as well as help fill out the ranks of the guild itself.


Instanced Questing Areas

Guild Wars 2 also features the same sort of storytelling found in SWTOR from last year, as it holds the quests of the storyline in instance areas in order to give the player a more unique experience. This also helps cut down on having too many players in one area competing for creatures, a problem that plagued older MMO’s. Having small individual areas also helps cut down on lag, as there is not a lot going on around the player as they try t0 progress their story.

Jump and Swim!

For those returning from the original Guild Wars, this will have special significance as the ability to jump and swim was not present. Have fun traversing the world, continually jumping as you walk. Leap that ledge and go to the new area, or swim around looking for fresh things to kill.


The Hall of Monuments

This is also something of a nod to older players as the Hall of Monuments will have special prizes waiting for you if you are returning from the original game. These are items such as special skins for your gear and some extra little pets to have following you around. If you are a ranger, you’re in for even more of a treat as Rangers will get a special pet from The Hall. Even though the second Guild Wars is set 200 years beyond the first, there are a lot of little nods of cognition to the original game.
One of the hidden features of the hall is that the item that takes you to it can be used as an escape from combat. Even though you will be put right back where you were when you leave the hall, it still gives you much needed time to heal up.


Teleportation Pads

The game offers a fast travel system that is a very welcome addition to the sprawling worlds of a MMORPG in form of instant-travel teleportation pads. Simply find one in the world, and be whisked away to the area you need to get to. No spending ten or more minutes stuck on a poorly animated gryphon, instant teleportation is the new way.
These are just some of the main features an experienced MMO player will be happy to have when they pick up Guild Wars 2. But really, no subscription fee alone is enough of a reason to pick up the game.


Come back to read Part two “Guild Wars 2: The Cons”  coming up!


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