For those of you that grew up in the era of strategy board games, or still dig deep into them, this should be news that gets your juices flowing. Facebook, Google+ and mobile devices are about to get a couple of hotties all up in their networks. Settlers of Catan and Dominion are both making their way to the comfort of your book of faces and other social networks.



Goko, the developer of the games has been working like a ninja for the past year and a few months on bringing these games to the web, thanks to HTML5. Even better, if the games turn out to play as well as they should, they have purchased over 150 licenses for existing games and are actively working with the developers to make sure the finished product is as close to perfect as possible. They aren’t just stopping at Google+ and Facebook though, they want to bring these games to as many social online hubs as possible. This could mean that board gaming will finally get the respect it deserves among those that have not had a chance, or willingness, to dig into the more complex board games when Monopoly is sitting around the house.



Besides the previously mentioned social hubs, Dominion will also show up on and they will work on getting it onto the App Store and Google Play as quick as possible. The Windows 8 store will also get a port in the future. Google+ hangout junkies will be happy to hear that the game will be able to be launched during hangout sessions, and all networks will be able to interface.



The biggest change from the games you know will be to Settlers of Catan, which will become an MMO titled Catan World. It seems the game will play similarly, but players will sail between islands that represent different game boards as they level up. You can sign up for the beta at if you want to let them know how to make sure it does the original justice.





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