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Prelude: Instead of the normal more news-focused format I write in, this is going to be a more personal take on what Diablo 3 wound up being in my eyes, as well as why exactly I stopped wasting time on it.



Build up to buying:

I, like many other players, waited for the arrival of the finale in this trilogy with open arms and eager expectations. Having played the second installment of Diablo when I was younger, literally losing myself for days inside the game was a werebear (don’t judge me,) Blizzard finally putting the third game on the shelves was like a dream come true. I even went as far as to buy a copy for a good friend of mine to ensure I had someone to run through the game with. Man were we disappointed. And after seeing the reaction to this game by many of the players I’ve talked to, and reading the general consensus of players on the forums it seems the best thing about this game is that you can uninstall it off your computer with a few mouse clicks.


Many of the people who would eventually pick up a copy of Diablo 3 jumped for joy when Blizzard gave fans the chance to test the game when they had an Open Beta. Almost everyone I know, including those who had no interest in picking up the game, gave the beta a chance just to see what Blizzard had to show after spending a decade on a game. The beta was….iffy at best. Yeah, it let players have a taste of what was to be in the final game but even the beta had a generic feel to. Remember that the level capped at 13, and the game capped at the first boss. So even in the beta it felt just as soon as I got gear decent enough to kill things, I was out of things to kill. The beta honestly left a poor taste in my mouth leading up to the main game, and made me question whether or not I would actually enjoy the final product.


I actually waited two weeks after the game came out to see how many of my friends picked up the game, and to pick their brains for how the game was. The initial response was the slew of people in that “new game high,” where the game is faultless and still fun. The only complaint many had was the gold it took to craft gear, and that Belial was a pain in the ass to beat simply due to players not being able to dodge poison on the ground. As a WoW raider for many years, I was already used to dodging crap on the ground in Blizzard games and did not think I would have a problem after watching a video of the fight.


Hands on the game:
I gave in one weekend when bored and finally gave in to the desire to try the game out despite the beta leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I bought myself a copy as well as helped out the aforementioned friend by buying him one, and the two of us spent a solid night of no-sleep leveling a demon hunter (me) and a monk (him). (Yes, this is going where you think it is regarding the 1.3.0 patch.)


We ground levels and gear together and had a decent time slaughtering demons with what we felt were the best two classes. (Played all 5 in the beta multiple times each as a bit of class testing.) I think after the first marathon night of playing we both ended around level 25, and were content with the progress we had made. The next day when I logged on, the friend I leveled with was on a completely separate toon (a wizard, this time) and was already level 60. I was dumb founded as to how he did that in less time than we got to 25 playing together. The second day of playing Diablo 3 is the day I learned about the questing exploit in the second Act.  Less than 30 hours after buying the game, the majority of the content is already meaningless due to a glaringly obvious exploit left in. All the props to Blizzard testers, how do you have your jobs?


Gameruining Exploits: 1


Despite the leveling aspect being useless now despite being one of the ‘main aspects of the game,’ those of us at 60 now (Read: every player in the game was 60 now thanks to this glitch) just tried to make what we could of the game. Diablo 3 was basically reduced to nothing but farming at this point, which was easily the worst part of the game. It isn’t that farming is difficult; it is that the farming in Diablo was terrible. The difficulty gap between nightmare and hell was silly, requiring an obscene amount of farming in nightmare to even be able to start hell. So to even begin the third difficulty required more time than many wanted to put in farming, just to be able to go farm the same. Exact. Content. For new gear. Game becomes almost unplayable at this point, and many of my friends gave up at this point. Those of us who stayed at 60 did so to farm with the promise by Blizzard to have PvP implemented very soon.


The only people I knew who moved on to hell with no issue were those who had been botting gear since the game out. They are still botting to this day, and to my knowledge Blizzard hasn’t even addressed it. Feel free to post a comment linking to them hotfixing it.


Gameruining Exploits: 2


The aftermath


I gave up on Diablo not too long after hitting 60 and having the first major content update bring nothing to the players that Blizzard promised. Those of us who were still there quit at that point simply from being bored. Blizzard falsely advertised when content would be added (See: The damned real money auction house taking two extra months, the lack of PvP in game STILL) This isn’t even addressing some of the issues people had to going into the game, like the abomination that is always-on DRM. After all, the best business strategy is to alienate every single player that wants the game to play alone.


Even now, two and a half months after the game is released, there are still game breaking exploits being found. For a small window of days, there was two different exploits being used for wizards and barbs. Wizards got a permanent god mode exploit and barbs got a huge health regen bug sometimes, and Blizzard was clueless how to fix these for a while.


Gameruining Exploits: 3,4


For those who stuck through the embarrassment that was this games launch (Error 37, anyone?) and managed to play the game properly before discovering that they basically did not have to make effort to level (level exploit that requires minimal effort does that), players discovered Blizzard had basically sold them a farming game. Right click the monster. Pray to a deity for loot. Rinse and repeat.



Diablo 3 does not need another reason for a person to uninstall it, at this point in time there needs to be reasons given on why to keep the game installed in the first place.







  1. Yeah in regards to your comment about the only people making it to hell were botters. I didn’t buy gold. An I didn’t exploit. I leveled to 60 on a barb. Got my armor to 10,000. My hp to 51k. My dmg to 14,000. An resists to 940 all resist. I killed diablo 6/16/12. Before the nerf to the entire game because of people whining that it’s “too hard waaah”. The game isn’t hard. Just too many people are too dumb to actually progress through the game. Your proving my point with this blog of yours.

    • Oh one more thing. I beat him on inferno… thats harder than hell. An if you don’t believe me. Go look me up on diablo an look at my achievements. Diablo inferno kill 6/16/12.

  2. There were a couple people who beat Diablo on Inferno in Hardcore mode before the patchto inferno. So what? On a note not replying to a person who has no idea what they are talking about, Diablo 3 is a farming game, that is completely true. But honestly, did we not see this coming? With as many expansions in WoW that there has been, we notice that content seems to be lowering as the money making seems to be increasing. When it comes to the botters and exploits, the RMAH gives Blizzard a cut of everything that sells. So when the botters make money selling items that they find, Blizzard gets paid, so they aren’t going to stop that stuff very fast. I do enjoy Diablo 3, but that’s because I enjoy playing and farming, I’ve always been a challenge and stats type of guy, and the ability to sell bits of gold for a little exact change to make my money back on the game also helps lol. But everyone has their opinions, and I hope when PvP comes out that more people will come back.

  3. This article is the silliest shit. You say you played D2 and loved it. Fine.

    But then complain about a leveling exploit in D3? Uh, g-rush? g-uber? Leveling to 80+ took like 2 hours in D2.

    D2 was a bastion of game ruining exploits, yet you complain about D3 having a couple?

    Then you complain about farming, as if that wasnt the fucking point of every Diablo game ever?

    This article is a joke. I was able to tell from the point you said “werebear.” I still have yet to hear a legitimate complaint on why this game is bad. Every complaint pretty much boils down to something which was exactly the same in D2, yet D2 is praised over D3 for some reason.

    Haters gonna hate I guess.

  4. Yeah I see your point… because all of the other Diablo games were about new content and progressing through the game. There was no botting, grinding gear or repetition at all… /Sarcasm

  5. Of all the fucking things to complain about, you choose exploits? Did you even bother playing Diablo III. Bring back the other dude who wrote about Diablo all the time, at least he knew what the hell he was talking about. Better yet, don’t bother mentioning Diablo ever again noob.

  6. “I hated Diablo 3 before it was cool!”

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