With the possible exception of ProStreet, which was criticized by reviewers for its lack of police interference (great soundtrack, though), second and third-generation Need for Speed titles haven’t failed to disappoint.  As we’re still three months away from the release of Criterion’s new version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the jury’s still out on the upcoming title.  Still, a walkthrough video posted last night on the official NFS YouTube account gave us hints of the possibilities this reboot may have to offer.  On the other hand, it still left many questions unanswered, which we’ll be getting to in a bit.


The trailer won’t let you down if you’re used to dodging the long arms of the law through a variety of creative twists and turns and other evasive moves.  In this title, you’ll be driving around the streets of Fairhaven City, which looks stunning on video, if a bit reminiscent of Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas.  The trailer promises players that they’ll have “freedom to use every inch of the city”, which would ideally open things up for some intense racing action and limitless ways to hide from the police.  Speaking of cops, it looks like Criterion is promising improved AI, as suggested by the “advanced tactics” to be used by the Fairhaven City Police Department.


We told you earlier that the video didn’t answer some of the most pressing NFS: Most Wanted reboot questions.  Most of those who commented on the trailer wondered openly about customization – will it or will it not be available?  We’d personally like to see such an option available, as well as the chance to be on the side of law and order and alternatively play as a cop.  And since this is a reboot, will we see Razor Callahan from the original Most Wanted return to the NFS universe?  Criterion may want to address these concerns if and when they release another NFS: Most Wanted trailer.



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