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Fat Loss FactorTried different diets? Dropped few pounds, but put up even more? A lot of other people who are trying to get in shape have similar problems as YOU, and this when Fat Loss Factor  comes in.


What is Fat Loss Factor?


Page welcomes you by a webinar, explaining what types of problems are people facing when trying to drop weight.  After a personal story of Lorry, which is more motivational than of any value, there are some overall explanation why it is harder for women to loose weight than for a guy, well that is because genetically women are pre-disposed to get more weight,  as they stayed home while males went for a hunt – sounds a bit silly, but if you think about it makes perfect sense.


Right after that first really interesting thing comes in,  Charles explains that it is very important to PREPARE yourself for a DIET before starting it. We all know the “yo-yo” effect when you loose a little bit of weight, but right after that gain even more. Well one of the causes, as Fat Loss Factor explains,  maybe a liver metabolism problem,  when liver is not able to process all the cholesterol, its starts storing fatty tissues in the belly area  (fast food + fat belly area) after that going to hips, arms etc. So in order to prevent it, you have to get your liver metabolism in order.  When you do, not only you can keep the weight off, but you are burning fat EVEN DURING SLEEP!  This and many more (listed below) is provided by Fat Loss Factor.


Fat Loss Factor package for example includes things as:

  • 3 times a week 15 minutes exercise guide, enough to loose pounds!
  • Why other diets fail? (Sometimes its not You, its the diets!)
  • Fat Loss Factor System – truth behind permanent fat loss while enjoying your favorite foods!
  • Liver and body cleansing videos
  • Access to custom made software with ratings on fast food restaurants
  • Pre-created grocery list
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced weight loss exercise
  • 5 sample, 15 min workout routines
  • Fat Loss measurements form 
  • Goal setting guide
  • Food diary
  • Exercise log
  • 1 full year of personal email coaching
  • lifetime updates for FREE

+ Bonus videos, and recipes 


Last time i got this kind of info from a trainer it went nearly to 1200$, as I had to hire a trainer, get a gym perm. etc. Well here the whole course goes for crazy 47 $, first I though I can not get any value for this kind of money… but…:


I had the course lying around for quite a long time, and seriously picked it up just two month ago… do not know if it is a coincidence or some kind of placebo effect, but already after first month I had to purchase smaller size shirts, closer to the end of second month I am able to  run 5 miles in 1 hour and do 40 pushups! earlier I had a very “flabby” physique .. and what was a total shock for me – going for a solid 6 pack.


Funny thing is, i did not change my meals that much… i eat fast food from time to time, I still eat ice-cream and still love chocolate cake. Though I must admit now I am more aware of WHEN i eat it, for example I do not eat  cake in the evening, but in the morning or through day  - no problems. You will read about it more in Fat Loss Factor, but I do not have appetite for the “bad food” anymore.


Last week I met a women I knew for sometime, she was away in Europe for 4 month. She did not recognize me and started to flirt with me… for me that is a good enough result!


You can order Fat Loss Factor Here.


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  1. thecleansing part for body is awesome! I had problems with fast food, now I dont want even look at the ads!

  2. 3 month in, I do see resutls, the goal list help a lot as you can track your progress and see how much you done already, hard to start but hard to stop also!!

  3. 15 minutes? really? anybody got resutls with that?

  4. the recipe list is good, I was going mad about fatty food, that was the most hard step for me to stop eating junk, but some of those recipies are jsut fantastic.

  5. 23 pounds dropped, will not stop there. Thank you

  6. goal achieved! My ex-boyfriend is mad with jealousy!

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