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My lvl 54 WD is in the middle of Hell in Diablo 3, and slowly moving towards Inferno. I am learning a lot of new things about my character and it seems that Normal and Nightmare were just waste of time. I ve already reached similar levels with other character – but probably most fun I had was with my (now dead) HC DH.  I do find HC the most interesting way to play the game, as I am playing in two separate “friend-groups” i have a HC Wiz on lvl 38 and now also a low lvl HC Barb. Inspiration for HC Barb  came after seeing the video of HC Barb and Wiz defeating Inferno Diablo before the nerf.  In case you have missed it:



Well that story has a happy ending. When i died on HC for first time.. i still remember the feeling and again… I was JUST level 34 when dying, no big deal… lets have a look at other fellow HC players, loosing their leveled-up and  well equipped characters. Kindly compiled by JanicM:




this ones also includes close-to-death-experiences… very nice




Respect to all the HC players, they accept the death “like a boss”, when i died on a pitiful level 34 i released a powerful Fus Ro Dah.

  1. died yesterday with Monk lvl 49, re-rolling

  2. Yes i did, lvl 60 HC Hell, still quite invincible with Monk

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