The debate ends here. Alright, it probably won’t but Modern Fictum has played each of Diablo III’s five classes through to Inferno and is ready to weigh in on which ones they feel stand the best shot of tossing Inferno Diablo off the perch of Heaven. Listed from the most futile to the most useful, Modern Fictum proudly presents the best soloing classes of Diablo III:



5. Barbarian


By now, most of us have at least heard that melee characters are struggling to make their presence known in Inferno. Barbarians fail in Inferno not because they brandish inept abilities or lack swagger, but because they are heavily gear dependent. Give a Barbarian 300 million gold and he’ll be better than any other class at soloing Inferno, but as it stands the fearsome Warriors of Mount Arreat hardly stand a chance in Act II with mostly level 60 and 61 gear. Blizzard is rectifying the Inferno brick-wall problem a bit with patch 1.0.3, so hopefully our stoic, purposely-minded friends will get some love.


4. Witch Doctor


The worst of the ranged classes, it just seems that no one wants to play a Witch Doctor. Why? Because they’re hard to play, and take about 10 minutes to swat a fly in Inferno. We’ll give them the edge over the Barbarian simply because they’re a ranged class, but because they rely on a slow burn style of gameplay, some players just find them boring. Also, summoning pets is not a very viable strategy in Inferno, forcing Witch Doctors to rely solely on casts – casts that aren’t as strong as those wielded by the other ranged classes.


3. Monk


The good news is that gamers are finally figuring out how to play the Monk. The bad news is that it will still cost them a significant amount of coin to make Monks viable in Act II and III of Inferno. With that said, Monks have a much easier go of it in Inferno than their melee counterparts the Barbarians. Their damage output is comparable, but their ability to survive is much improved with even moderately good gear. Not to mention that the One With Everything passive skill ends up saving them a great deal of money. Instead of having to purchase All Resist gear, Monks can opt for significantly cheaper items that sport an unwanted resistance such as Poison or Lightning. With One for Everything, all other resistances are bolstered to the level of your highest one.


2. Wizard


Damage and a few protective powers that allow them to take a hit or two -that’s all that Wizard’s really have going for them. Granted they still need a ton of top notch gear to get by the later acts of Inferno, but a defensively minded Wizard will be able to stand on his or her own without much assistance in Act I. Masters of kiting mobs, illusion and evasion, Wizards would easily be our number one choice if there wasn’t a class that was just like them, but slightly better.


1. Demon Hunter

Why do Demon Hunters take the top spot – well there’s a couple of reasons. First of all, they do more damage than any other class and need absolutely no gear of note to succeed in Act I Inferno. Additionally, they only need to equip two offensive skills to be successful; the rest can be devoted to defense. Skills like Smokescreen and Caltrops are designed with survival in mind while Elemental Arrow is a devastating direct damage dealing spell. Demon Hunters also kite better than any other class. Sure, they can’t take a hit, but with their array of skills, they’ll hardly have to. Thus, Demon Hunters are our pick for best soloing class in Inferno. Just stay away from them in Hardcore mode.



  1. I think both the melee classes (monk and barbarian) should be #1or2, while my favorite class to play is certainly Demon Hunter, once you run into those rare pack with walling / laser thing capabilities, you’re screwed. At least with the monk and barbarian, you have damage mitigating skills. I wish the DH truly was the best farming class, but I would have to strongly disagree here.

    On the otherhand, it might be because I’m not a good enough player or do not have godly equipment, in which case I would like to hear other people’s opinions :)

  2. I agree that barbarians are very gear dependent but really all classes are. My main is a wizard but I’ve played all of them to level 30. Barbarians and monks have a lot of damage ministration. Barbarian stuns and mink dodge chance plus heal while the range classes lack those types of benefits. I also strongly disagree with this list

  3. Migitation*. Monk*.

  4. My first character to make level 60 was the witch doctor. And he’s does pretty good in Inferno. Firebomb ( Roll the bones ) can affectively carpet bomb an area. Zombie Charger does good damage. Hex affects almost any enemy. Sou harvest pumps the damage. Spirit Walk can escape almost anything. and gargantuan serves as distraction. and Spirit Vessel passive skill adds a lot to survivability.

    On the flip side, Demon hunter ranks as the hardest to raise because its a glass cannon. dies very easily as there is no margin for error. Especially if there’s lag.

  5. I am so grateful for your article. Much obliged.

  6. lol DH has more dmg than the wizzard pfff false as f#%k

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