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Counter-Strike Global Offensive

The year was 1999 and the world had just seen Half-Life being released a few months earlier when the first version of Counter-Strike was released, but at this point it was more of a Half-Life mod. But as the community grew, it was remade into a stand alone game based on the original Half-Life engine. And it quickly turned into one of the pioneer games which built the road for eSports. Since Counter-Strike 1.6 was released there have been three attempts at creating a worthy successor for it. Counter-Strike: Zero which was an utter disappointment, Counter-Strike: Source which did not really end up being a successor to 1.6, but instead it divided the community, and last but not least, a Counter-Strike: Source mod called Pro Mod which is still being developed. As a matter of fact Pro Mod has been in development so long that I fear the community lost all hope. Part of the problem with Pro Mod is that it is being developed by people from the community so I sense they are lacking the resources and time to truly make it happen.


Well, Valve had other things in mind though, as they announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on August 12, 2011, and for once spired some hope for a community which had been going nothing but downwards for the last few years. Obviously there are quite a few obstacles to overcome when developing a game for a series like Counter-Strike, the community will have high expectations and demands to meet if  Global Offensive is to even get remotely popular. The problem is that they need to unite a divided community, and to satisfy both the Source and 1.6 players they need to come up with something extraordinary. And the thing is, if they chose to make it too much like Source, the 1.6 players will be scared off, but if they try to make it too much like 1.6 the Source players will be scared off. As Valve may be facing a roadblock here, we still need to keep an open mind, as regardless of how Global Offensive turn out in the end, it will not be exactly like any of the previous versions. Well, of course there is a slim chance that everyone will be happy, but I sense that this will not be the case.


So what can we expect from Global Offensive? Well, at least it will look like a slight remake of Source, not precisely alike, but rather similar. There will be 8 new weapons, although I sense this is unnecessary, as the standard weapons, AK-47, M4A1 Colt, AWP, USP, Glock and the occational Desert Eagle will be the regular choice among players. As well as there has been talk about adapting a similar recoil system as in 1.6, mainly because of all the disappointment with Source. Although, this is not yet the case on the beta, the recoil system there seem like it could be inspired by 1.6, but it’s nowhere near the same yet. As Valve have spent some time on asking the professional players from each game about how they should develop it, I guess there is a chance that Global Offensive may be a perfect mix, but as I said before, I do not have my hopes up just yet, there is so much which could go wrong.


To be fair, I’d put Global Offensive on my “to check out” list, but while I’m slightly positive to the idea I feel that it will be easier for Valve to satisfy the Source part of the community more than us who have been around since the early versions and jumped off the train during the 1.6 days.

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