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Anarchy Online Free to Play

It sounds paradoxical to say, but playing games for free usually comes with a cost. While many a developer claims that their new MMO will be free-to-play, most gamers know better. But to be fair, developers cannot be blamed for wanting to make money through advertisements, microtransactions, freemium software or otherwise. After all, without revenue how would they sustain themselves? Not surprisingly, the new revenue models for online games have gone over quite well with fans. […]

Zerg Icon

I know there are many out there who are stuck in the lower Starcraft 2 leagues, bronze league – gold league and seem to get nowhere, and these leagues are prectically swarming with Zerg, no kidding there. Well, in this 3 post series we will break it down to basics and cut out everything you do not need down there. Basically what we will be looking at in the end is a few generic ways […]

Is Free to Play the Future of Gaming?

In case your PC has been collecting dust as of late, you’ve likely noticed a huge influx of free to play titles popping up within the PC gaming sphere. Titles like Super Monday Night Combat and Blacklight: Retribution have made an arguably larger splash than normal simply because of their free to play features. The advantages of the “freemium” model have been clearly demonstrated time and time again, yet some gamers feel slighted by the […]

Could An Apple and Valve Console Really Work?

While the alleged rumor that Apple CEO Tim Cook meeting with Valve’s esteemed Gabe Newell was recently put to rest, the prospect of an Apple or Valve console certainly sent the Internet into a dizzying state of speculation. Could the two software giants really come together to produce something to challenge the big three in the future? Would it even be a smart business move to enter the console market this late in the game? […]

Legends of Eisenwald Awaits Your Attention

Kickstarter is a hell of a place to look for upcoming indie titles, and this week is no different. The most recent title in the spotlight is Legends of Eisenwald, an action RPG/turn-based real time strategy game from the indie development studio, Aterdux Entertainment. The game’s dev studio is offering up some pretty clever investment incentives, including the opportunity to become a lead producer on the title with an investment of over $10,000. If you […]

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