I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, but PC gaming is back. Thanks to the timely release of a few PC exclusive titles along with the rise of independent and free-to-play games, it’s once again cool to own a backlit keyboard and mouse with 16 hotkeyed buttons. Oh, and let’s not forget about Steam, which is arguably the best thing to happen to PC gaming since the first-person shooter. With the sudden rise of PC gaming in full effect, it’s time to think about upgrading  the broken down hunk of junk you call a computer. But instead of running to the store and buying a stock PC , might I suggest a few good reasons for building your own gaming PC.

High-end games do not run without powerful graphics cards, yet stock PCs rarely come with more than onboard video. The reason being is that the average PC user doesn’t necessarily play games – strange I know. Imagine buying a highly rated, powerful system only to realize that it has a hard time running Minesweeper on max. By building your own PC, you will be able to choose a graphics card that meets your demands. Those looking for cutting edge graphics needn’t look further than the latest models from NVIDIA or AMD.

In addition, you can build PCs that are designed to be upgradeable. Purchase motherboards that support multiple processors and can handle a great deal of RAM. That way when it comes time to upgrade, you won’t have to buya whole new rig. Graphics cards, processors and RAM can be switched in and out with ease, but motherboards not so much. Spend the extra money for a high-end board and you’ll be thanking yourself later. Oh and good luck trying to upgrade a store bought PC – they’re specifically designed to not be tinkered with.

You could just customize a gaming PC online, but I do not recommend doing so. It’s too costly. If you have trepidations about building your own, call up one of your geeky friends – I’m sure at least one of them knows how to do it and they’ll be more than willing to lend a hand.


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