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One of the best sites to start learning about yourself and numerology is


What is Numerologist?


First of all this sites provides you with a free comprehensive reading based on few of your details as name and date of birth. With this “report” you can get a clearer view on what numerology can provide and additional questions will appear.


Numerology analyzes the letters in your full birth name and the digits that comprise your date of birth, and from this information calculates the core of your numerology chart, which reveals startling facts about your life, your personality, and your future.


The numerologist behind this is Mike Madigan, who compiled all the numerology rules into one software (as numerology is mainly “counting”) and claims to deliver surprisingly precise results. On the site itself you may find also a lot of interesting info provided by other numerologists as Dawn DelVecchio or  Roy Kirkland.


Tried it for myself, I will not get into too much details, as I am quite a believer and consider sharing numerology numbers a bad luck, but still here it goes.


In your free report you will receive basic numbers connected to your name and birthday, for your convenience we bring you the actual system how you can try to do it yourself


Numerologist review



Numerology reading

In your free report you will receive basic numbers connected to your name and birthday

Numerology Review

When you continue further you will read the detailed explanation how all the numbers around you work.














If you decide to purchase the “Numerologist package”, you will get great features as:


  • Detailed numerology report (+ future prediction)
  • Phone number meaning
  • Lo Shu personality analysis
  • Multiplying your good luck
  • “Strange” secret to success
  • “Wardrobe secret”
  • Relationship forecast
  • 84 Future predictions
  • Palm reading
  • Making your dreams reality


And following free software bonuses (so you can make your own reading and reports with Mike software)

  • Lucky number analysis
  • Personality and future reading
  • Personalized numerology lessons


All this Mike is giving out for 57$, which will come roughly to 0.13$ per reading, at any light this seems as a good deal (on some sites the value of that can be over 200$)

Pros of Numerologist

  1. Great amount of valuable content
  2. Tests, samples and calculator
  3. Special secret methods which would take years to read in normal books
  4. Awesome tools for infinite numerology calculations and predictions
  5. For the amount of tools and content provided very low price

Const of Numerologist

  1. When you go through Numerologist, and discover how everything works it become more of a science then an art
  2. Gets quite addictive as you know the meaning of numbers you start to relate everything to numerology



Numerologist is a definitely a “go to” site when it comes to numerology itself, great content, simple and easy to get explanations, examples of predictions and samples of test to try out.  Considering the tools that are included in the package. Numerologist membership is something not be missed by anyone interested in this art.



You can try out your reading and numerologist here.






  1. numerologist price seems surprisingly low… any explanation?

    P.S.: spellcheck is your friend

  2. I dont know what numerology articles are doing on a seemingly gamin website…

    anyway, tried for myself, cant say its 100% but I was quite suprised about couple of things as they fit me perfectly

  3. learn to write, learn to review
    (and next time choose something not so reknown as

  4. Thank you, this will help me with my baby name choice! Never believed it will be so hard to choose!

  5. Thanks, exactly the numerologist software for a good price. I can do prediction to others now… for a bigger price…

  6. helped me to buy a new car…

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