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One of the best sites to start learning about yourself and numerology is   What is Numerologist?   First of all this sites provides you with a free comprehensive reading based on few of your details as name and date of birth. With this “report” you can get a clearer view on what numerology can provide and additional questions will appear.   Numerology analyzes the letters in your full birth name and the digits […]


I ve told it once, I will repeat myself again – people at Quantic Dream are magicians. They broke the boring shade in past already they seem to be doing it again. Games like Omicron, Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain… just pure genius. It is very hard to look beyond the curtain we normally have around ourselves. Seems that they have some additional WorldWonder comming out as they released Kara:


Just few minutes ago I ve finished playing last Deus Ex. I must say I am astonished. On my scale totally 5/5. Awesome game-play, lot of versatility both for character and the story.  Just pure awesome. Do not anticipate to read things like my view on Music, Graphics, Texture of the boxes etc. You can read it on IGN for example. Those are the things that true player does not care about.  The game is pure ART. All […]


Lately I ve noticed a lot of crying around ending of Mass Effect 3. I will tell in advance – I had not yet played the ME 3. I did not like the 1 and I liked the 2nd mainly because of ending. I just do not get all this fuzz around the matter that people are trying to achieve that Bioware change the ending of the game..?!! Lul whut? When you ve finished reading a book […]


Recently they released an official patch… adding some stuff to Skyrim. Mostly killcams etc… that is definitely nice but not a deal breaker. I hope someone will take the game engine and create a solid content into it. I just think that the possibilities coming from this environment where not used at all by Bethesda story-team.  I ve actually didnt rate Skyrim yet. Well.. from me it would be solid 3.5/5. I do not believe in scores like 76,3/100 or 87/100… […]


Sooo, seems that soon we will see a wave a of indie-not-so-indie games. Already two successful projects on the way. Double Fine Adventures or Wasteland 2 Though I must admit I like the Double Fine promotion video better, as I find it more funny and engaging, I am looking more for the Wastelands 2. I was never huge fan of Adventures – though i ve played many of them. Grim Fandango included. It has to be admitted that FPS dominate he […]


So, recon is pretty fun It definitely begins to be great fun when you get M98B rifle. The second my most favorite class to play is Support. But still I end up with Recon one way or another.  Of course it is better to play according to current situation. The Recon class just seems so versatile to me, you have very solid short and medium distance weapons. Plus as a bonus you have totally ownage type long distance weapons. As […]


I so deeply hope that soon there will some kind of a game with the “early WoW pvp style”. Some proper killing… had really good fun with Warhammer AoR though it did not last really long… as server population started to drop when i ve joined. Rift PvP was not much fun… not enough open world PvP. EVE – good… though not such fun anymore. World of Darkness – years till the release. Will see what Star Wars will […]


So yesterday i ve managed to finish Skyrim. By Finish i mean that i ve completed all the main quests and coule of side quests. In case someone will start bitching – “Oh, but you did not finish if you have not unlocked all the achievements, and did all the side q”. Well in case you feel like completing “collect 100 flowers, pickpocket 50 people” type of achievements and “get this, bring there thingy” kind of quest. Well then […]

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