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the-tao-of-badass-reviewHow to get Girls?


Isnt this the topic we all are thinking about constantly, isnt this the biggest fear we have? Fear of failure while trying to talk to that girl you like. Some think that as many other things, dating and “pickuping” can be learned and trained.


Would you agree?


How it that possible that this nice girl is dating the guy who is obviously much worse than you. You are such a nice person, You deserve that girl, not him!


Sounds Familiar?


What is Tao Of Badass?


Joshua Pellicer is one of famous specialists in dating area and his new site The Tao of Badass provides quite an informational package, and of course I gave it a try!


You are welcomed with a webinar, which to be honest, at first seemed quite long, but couple minutes in you understand that the story actually was needed to cover the important points. After the introduction to the theme,  Josh will provide you with a little “tasting” couple of tips, which really caught my attention so I made a little research of my own, and yes… they are correct. Both from theoretical perspective and actually tried a couple of them in action, not sure if it is a “placebo” effect … but girls reactions truly seem to be more positive.


Body Language in Tao of Badass


For example did you know that from time to time you should look at woman mouth while she speaks,  as it make her subconsciously think about having sex with you?  This is just the tip of the iceberg Josh has prepared for us. After several other very interesting tips, which you can start using instantly, Josh continues to couple of psychological definitions which will be important, for example he explains how the relationships are created from the “mind” perspective, or how to “talk” directly into woman “emotional brain” bypassing logical barriers.


Further on how to use your body language to punish or merit different behavior, the guide goes as deep as correctly positioning your body and explaining different meanings of posture etc. Its quite difficult to explain in word, in membership section of Tao of Badass you will find much more detailed  information with examples and videos.


Quite  interesting is part on “sexual triggers“, Josh provides an example of few easy techniques how to make women unconsciously  think about sex with you more.


Tao of Badass on Passing Tests for Women


Pellicer explains that during encounter women are “testing” their “male opponent”.  Normally you do not even know that you are being “tested” and if you are unprepared like this, you will most likely fail.  Those are small things women do or ask men to do, and unconsciously take their reaction as a reply to the test. Depending on this reply the further development of relation is formed. Joshua does a good job explaining different tests, how to recognize them and how our reactions will be interpreted by women.


Tao of Badass on Rapport and Deep Connection

This is more of an NLP practive but very interesting to say the least! The chapter explains how to create bond with women or for example what type of rapport to use – wide or deep? Also it explains a common mistakes that guys are (unknowingly) trying to create rapport before they created attraction, Joshua teaches how to correct this. He is suggesting that you will be able to make any women to fall in love with you, which I personally do not consider to be true. Still its very enlighting to discover how the “love bond” is created and how to maintain it.


The theory is presented on some examples and exercises, I think you would have to tailor it more to your life and experiences as some of the tasks suggested did not seem comfortable… but it all is about getting out of comfort zone right? So maybe it will fit some of you better.


Bonuses in Tao of Badass


There are plenty of bonuses to main programs, some are written reports and studies other are video materials with training. The most useful are probably special additions as How to avoid the friendzone, or How to break up like a man. Other worth naming will definitively be videos on body language.


In some videos you will be marketed additional products, well depends on you if you will want to check out any of them, it did not disturb me from the main program.




Tao of Badass is a very interesting course, packed with variety of info, starting with meeting new girls, through relationship creation, maintaining the relationship and breaking up correctly. You will probably see some info that you already knew and read before, but most of the stuff will be new to you. All the information is neatly organized and membership section brings more of valuable knowledge.


You can ORDER Tao of Badass HERE


















  1. bought the course, a lot of interesting info, eager to see if ti works

  2. a lot of stuff in the package are actualy proven psychological influences, deffinitely taked some time to get used to it, so you use it naturally

  3. got my ex-girlfriend back in 1 week… thanks? i suppose.

  4. its working quite well for me, (4 weeks into the course)… but i am not sure if I should be happy, as now I dont know if girl genuinely likes me… or its just my skills that persuade her…

  5. stop being pussies and get some.
    If its your future wife you will know anyway.

  6. so sad that i didnt know all that when iwas in college… any courses on time travel?

  7. just thanks, took me some time to learn.. but now its a whole different life I am having

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